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Joseph Nell

Joe Nell is an avid gamer and technology enthusiast. He has been a gamer since the early 80's beginning with the Commodore 64, and progressing to PC and Console gaming today. His current list favorite games include Day of Defeat:Source, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. When called upon to fulfill his professional duties, he is the Infrastructure Manager within IT Services at the University of Alaska Southeast where he is responsible over network operations, telephone services, and desktop support for the University. Joseph has been an IT Professional since 1995 when he began his career with UAS. Joseph is the loving father of 2 wonderful children, and blessed husband of his wife, Melissa.

Gaming Voice Chat Server using Windows Home Server

If you've ever played a game with a group of friends, you'll know that being able to communicate often results in superior performance, especially in games where cooperation is required. Windows Home Server provides a solid base for running your own Voice Chat server.

Windows Home Server for the Gamer

Why would gamers find Windows Home Server a great solution? Let me identify a few cases that make it a great addition to your gaming "rig".

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Review: The Book of Boba Fett – Episode 5

I am writing this opening just ahead of pressing play on the latest episode to ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ and I am nervous....

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