Review: Data East My Arcade Micro Player Retro Games Cabinets

We recently reviewed some of the My Arcade Micro Player Retro Games Cabinets, and now we have two more - this time from Data East.

Brand New Mini Arcade Cabinet Hits The UK & Europe – Play Atari’s Centipede

Available to pre-order from FunstockRetro.co.uk - this Mini Arcade Cabinet from Replicade is a fully-playable 12-inch tall wooden cabinet that faithfully recreates the classic...

Building an under cabinet HTPC on a Friday night

This Friday night I wanted to build a compact and low power HTPC to record four television streams from my SiliconDust HD Homerun tuners. This was a fun build but I had a couple of gotchas along the way. This easy build was only $230 and is something you could do next Friday night!

Ventilating a Windows Home Server Cabinet on a Friday night – Video Edition

I had a plain and ugly server cabinet on Thursday. With a trip to Ikea and the Cooler Guys, I am now the owner of a sweet, well ventilated, wife-accepted server storage facility. This is not a rack or a case. If the cabinet door in your living room is propped open then this article is for you too. Read on to see what I ended up creating…

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