Review: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

We take a look at the Whole Home Wi-Fi solution from BT.

500,000 People live with more than 15 Devices Connected to the Net

New research reveals that close to 500,000 people live in homes with more than 15 devices connected to the internet BT has launched a new...

O2 Enters 4G partnership with BT

Today BT has entered a partnership with O2 to launch a high-capacity 4G network. The telecoms giant has signed a 10-year deal with its...

BT to offer free YouView set top boxes to new BT Infinity customers

BT has announced this week that it will offer a free YouView set top box with no TV subscription to new BT Infinity customers. Broadband customers not in an Infinity enabled area will also be able to get a free YouView box when they subscribe to TV Essential, starting at £4/month. Both offer a massive saving on the retail price of the YouView set top box, which is priced at £299 at retailers across the country.

BT Offer 3 Months Free OnLive Gaming Access

BT are currently running an offer where you get 3 months free OnLive gaming access if you sign up before January 31st.

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