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WD Launch 1TB Scorpio Blue Hard Drive for Laptops

Today Western Digital launched a 1TB Scorpio Blue hard drive aimed at laptop users.

GPT and MBR Disk Partitioning – A Supplement to BYOB #33

In this episode we talk about GPT and Master Boot Record formatting and this short sermon gives you a brief overview of these types of technology. Read on to find out how the use of drives larger than 2.2TB will affect your systems.

Windows Home Server and Advanced Format Hard Disks

There have been lots of discussions, rumours, musings and occasional panic around advanced format hard drives and Windows Home Server. Microsoft have issued a KB article talking about it.

4K Sectors and the Future of Hard Drives

You may have heard about 4K sectors on new hard drives and want to know and understand more – then this video is for you.

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