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Using Advanced Format Drives in WHS v1: Seagate SmartAlign

In researching and buying some hard drives for my NAS reviews this week, I stumbled across Seagate’s SmartAlign technology. It enables AF drives to be used in systems that don’t support AF drives, like say Server 2003 and WHS v1! Interested? Read on for details!

Paragon Software Releases Hard Disk Manager 11 Professional

Earlier this week Paragon Software released the latest version of their Hard Disk Manager software – Hard Disk Manager 11 Professional. This version supports SSDs, Advanced Format Drives and USB 3.0, along with some other new features.

Using Advanced Format Drives with Windows Home Server V1

More and more advanced formed drives are on the market, and if you want to use them with your Windows Home Server V1 Microsoft advise you against it. Here we will show you what you can do it safely use them.

Paragon Software Announces Hard Disk Manager 2011 Suite for Home Users

Last week saw Paragon Software announced their Hard Disk Manager 2011 Suite for Home Users and it might be worth you taking a closer look if you want a suite of hard drive utilities that will do pretty much anything you might need.

Western Digital Caviar 2TB Green Drives Going Cheap

If you are stuck for something to buy the “geek” in your family, why not look at giving the gift of storage this year? Amazon have the Western Digital Caviar 2TB Green Drives for under £75!

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