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Microsoft Windows Home Server Website Makeover

The Microsoft Windows Home Server website has had a makeover.

Microsoft Windows Home Server Virtual Launch Event

The Microsoft Partner Program are having a live webcast on the 1st October 2007 (WHS Launch Day).

WHS Launch Date

It looks like the launch date for Windows Home Server has finally been confirmed as being 1st October 2007.

Diskeeper 2007 Trial Software

Terry over at the We Got Served blog has arranged for a fully-working 45 day trial copy of Diskeeper 2007 for WHS.

The book is nearly ready….

The Windows Home Server User's Guide book is now complete....

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App Update: Action Movie FX for iOS from Bad Robot updated to version 2.1.2

Last year Bad Robot Productions released a really fun app for the iPhone called Action Movie FX that enables you to easily add cool special effects to whatever you might film. Now it has an update.

Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Out November 24th

Microsoft today officially announced the release date for Windows Home Server Power Pack 3. We have talked a lot over the last 6 months about PP3, so it’s to finally see it ready for release.

No More Logitech Revue with Google TV Devices

Last year we brought you the news that Logitech had launched a device called the Revue with Google TV. Well that device just didn’t sell well and now Logitech have called it a day on the device.