Review: Empires of the Undergrowth

The animal kingdom is an intriguing place.

Review: Out of Line

Out of Line made me question the power of visuals within video games. The puzzle-platformer, developed by Nerd Monkeys, immediately hooked me with its...

Review: Ooops! 2

Life is all about the food you eat.

Review: Grotto

A character named “Ouuuch” gives a speech full of wisdom. “If you speak the word 'blue', three people that hear it may think of...

Review: Samudra

My Fears As a child the ocean scared me, and if I’m being honest there’s still a bit of residual fear as an adult. I’d...

Review: Aeon Drive

New Barcelona is doomed.

Review: Bonito Days

Good vibes, city pop and a summertime aesthetic make Bonito Days - a new game heavily inspired by the target minigame in Super Monkey...

Review: Doctor Who – The Edge of Reality

As a Doctor Who fan I have always been disappointed in the lack of actual main console platform video games based on the show....

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Review: Train Station Renovation

Flight Simulator was a game that came out many years ago and found a niche, a very big niche which allowed to basically be...

Review: Hell Let Loose

Review: Diner Bros Inc

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The Call of Duty Ghosts Ear Force Phantom is a premium wireless Dolby surround sound headset with a programmable dual-stage audio processor, and it’s limited edition, and this is our review.

Review: Yooka-Laylee

There was a time when the platform genre was...

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At its heart, Talking Tom Candy Run is an...