Review: Katana Zero

Katana Zero is a brutal, challenging, neo-noir 2D action platformer that leaves a strong impression.  You control Zero: a Katana wielding assassin who has the...

Review: Cozy Grove

A touching tale about helping those in need, and making a new life for yourself.

Review: 1993 Shenandoah

If you were to imagine a 1980s side-scrolling shoot-em-up, the images that come to mind would likely be almost identical to the images you'll...

Review: Lost Words: Beyond the Page

An emotional tale that'll break the iciest of hearts.

Review: NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1

INTRO - A group of 10 Classic NeoGeo Games The NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol 1. released on the Nintendo Switch Eshop this past March...

Review: Shelter 3

Might And Delight returns with the third installment in their recognized animal survival series. Control the leader of an elephant pack under spiritual guidance...

Review: Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation

If someone would've told me at the beginning of the year that my favorite game of 2021 thus far would be a niche anime...

Review: Ravensword: Shadowlands

A classic RPG where mythical creatures and a demon overlord must be defeated.

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Review: Dungeons Defenders: Awakened

You broke the Eternia Crystal, so now you must protect each one you find.

Review: Everhood

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