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Ryan Bradshaw

Review: Space Channel 5

For those that remember, Space Channel 5 started off as a Dreamcast title way back in 1999. For those that played it, the game...

Review: Swords of Gargantua

The backbone of any good VR game is the overall feel of immersion. If the game can successfully create this feeling, in many cases,...

Review: Ninja Legends

This was my first time playing a PSVR game like this, one that was based it's value solely on the device's tracking and motion...

Review: Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts on the PSVR is the exact definition of a mixed bag. For everything that I came to enjoy, there was at least one thing that became an exercise in frustration. If you're like me and only pull the headset out every once in a while, this will probably not be the motivation to do so.

Review: Pixel Ripped 1995

Back in Time I had no idea I missed the train when Pixel Ripped 1989 was released. I can honestly can say I regret not...

Review: A Tale of Paper

As an origami figure brought to life, this simple 2.5D puzzle plat-former has tons of heart and it's obvious that OpenHouseGames has a lot...

Review: The Last of Us 2

A quick disclosure, I was a huge fan of 2013's The Last of Us and was extremely excited to see where the story would...

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