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Jordan Kirkpatrick

21, Scottish, journalism student. Loves gaming, pop culture and anime.

Review: The Frosts: First Ones

I’m not sure about you, but where I’m from in Scotland, getting a white Christmas is rather unheard of in recent years. So, to...

Review: Zool Redimensioned

Back in 1991, the gaming landscape was forever changed with the release of Sonic The Hedgehog. The beloved fast-paced 2D platformer changed the scope...

Review: Aquarium Designer

Have you ever been in a pet shop and thought to yourself, hey, those fish look super cool and easy to keep…only then when...

Review: Penko Park Already missing the spooky vibes of October? Looking to bring them back and polish off your photography skills at the same time? Well, I...

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Review: Twogether: Project Indigos (Chapter 1)

The PlayStation Talents initiative has fostered some intriguing titles over the last few years - such as Ion Driver, Clid the Snail, Jade's Ascension...

Review: Night Lights

Review: Undungeon