NewsNews: SteelSeries Christmas Gift Guide

News: SteelSeries Christmas Gift Guide


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The SteelSeries Christmas Gift Guide allows you to find some amazing award-winning tech for the gamer in your life. This company is renowned for its mind-blowing headphones, comfortable gaming mice, and responsive gaming keyboards. Accordingly, if you gift one of these peripherals this Christmas, the recipient will be over the moon.

Whether you are looking to improve your YouTube channel, Twitch stream, audio quality, or accuracy during competitive gaming sessions, you don’t need to look any further! Each of these products will amaze you with their build quality and their phenomenal appearance. As such, let’s no longer wait and dive into the action.

A closer look at the SteelSeries Christmas Gift guide.

Alias/Alias Pro microphones.

Streaming, made easy! Alias is the first mic truly purpose-built for the needs of gamers, which makes it the best mic for streamers, podcasters, and content creators. Combined with the included FREE Sonar for Streamers software package, it is the complete package that will make you sound pro without being a pro. It’s as easy as “Plug N’  ̶P̶l̶a̶y̶ Say.”

A microphone that is designed to blow you away! This plug-and-play accessory delivers exceptional audio recording quality and looks amazing at the same time. Moreover, the free-to-download software ensures that you get the best out of it at all times. Additionally, the Pro version has an amazing stream mixer to keep you on track at all times. As such, if you want a market-leading microphone that is easy to use, then I recommend you click these links. Alias and Alias Pro.

Prices starting at $179.99

Arctis Nova 7 White Collection.

The Arctis Nova 7X and 7P are a pair of ‘everyday’ all-purpose headphones. The Nova series headphones feature a combination of custom-designed High Fidelity speaker drivers that offer unparalleled sound purity, plus immersive 360° Spatial Audio for an immersive soundscape, along with the Sonar Audio Software Suite, which features the first pro-grade parametric EQ for gamers and allows them to adjust every individual frequency, provides an unparalleled  advantage to people living a ‘gaming lifestyle.’

Whether it’s gaming on the go, listening to Spotify or watching Netflix while commuting on the train or bus, taking a Zoom call and needing to tune out the noise in a shared apartment, workspace, or coffee shop, at the home office with furry kids running around, in the gym or basketball court, playing some Call of Duty MWIII or Mario at home… Welcome to the future of audio for a gaming lifestyle.

RRP $179.99

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless.

Simply put, the best high-end headphones on the planet. The award-winning Arctis Nova Pro Wireless brings legendary sound with the Nova Pro Acoustic System. 360° Spatial Audio pulls gamers into a different world, in addition to Active Noise Cancellation, keeping them completely immersed.

If you want a next-level performance that gives you an elite edge, then look no further. These incredible headphones look amazing and are comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the audio is out of this world and they put their peers into their shadow.

RRP $349.99

Apex Pro Mini Wireless.

Reclaim your desk space in this mini form factor that takes up only 60% of the space of a standard keyboard. Full-featured and lag-free, you’ll never miss the wire. 

This stunning keyboard may be small, but it fills the room with its presence. An award-winning keyboard that is responsive and reduces fatigue. Moreover, the small form factor allows you to be OTT with your mouse movements. This keyboard gets a massive thumbs-up from the team at MGT!

RRP $239.99

Aerox 3 – Ghost Edition.

One of the most attractive mice of all time (to toot our own horn!), plus its AquaBarrier tech with IP54-rated water resistance, means it can survive a nasty water, wine or latte spill. 

This ultra-light gaming mouse looks stunning. With 3 RGB zones, it’ll stand out from the crowd. What’s more, at 68 grams, it is designed for swooping movements and responsive inputs.

RRP $99.99

Stocking Stuffers.

Nova Booster Packs.

Compatible with the Nova 7 and Nova Pro lines of headsets, you can swap out your headbands and speaker plates with the colours that bring out your personality.  

Both of the compatible headsets look amazing. However, why not stamp your authority with a splash of colour this Christmas? Available in Cherry Red, Lilac, Rose Quartz, Mint and Pride rainbow editions.

RRP $34.99

QcK Prism – Medium.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a QcK micro-woven cloth mousepad for the highest precision control surrounded by RGB lights. 

Complement your Areox 3 – Ghost Edition mouse with this comfortable and vivid mousepad. Moreover, the exquisite RGB display is something to behold.

RRP $39.99

KontrolFreek Thumsticks.

Do you know a gamer who plays so hard they’ve worn off all the grip on their sticks? Give them an easy overall with KontrolFreek Thumbsticks which now come in a variety of shapes according to game type.

If the gamer in your life loves to personalise their controller, then they are in for a treat. Furthermore, the latest MWIII iteration is now available.

RRP $16.99

Plenty of tech available this Christmas.

As you can see, the SteelSeries Gift Guide has everything covered. As such, if you are stuck for a gift for your loved one, why not spoil them with one of these items? Alternatively, you may want to treat yourself to improve your gaming set-up. Either way, allow SteelSeries to light up your gaming area this Christmas.

(More information on SteelSeries can be found here!)

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