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Review: Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost


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The Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost is designed with gamers at the fore. This rapid mouse is accurate, responsive, and easy to use. Moreover, its lightweight design ensures fatigue is reduced during lengthy gaming sessions. Alongside this, it has the latest switches and remarkably smooth PTFE skates. As such, you’ll be blown away by its build quality.

On top of this, its RGB light display is impressive and it can be synced to other Prism-enabled devices. As such, you can create a mind-blowing gaming set-up that’ll be the envy of your friends. Additionally, this is a durable mouse that will take a beating. Accordingly, this is ideal for enthusiastic fans of FPS titles.

What’s in the box of the Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost?

  • The compact packaging is alluring. What’s more, it is robust and can be recycled. 
  • The Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost is a sexy mouse. The holey shell design is eye-catching and the RGB lights are vivid.
  • A wireless dongle streamlines your set-up. 
  • Charge the device or play wired with this Super Mesh data/charging cable.
  • Learn the basics with the user guide. 

Technical aspects. 

The Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost not only looks incredible, but it is technically advanced as well. It boasts an impressive 18k DPI, 400 IPS, and a mind-boggling 40 G acceleration. As such, this mouse is as fast as a bullet and super accurate to boot. Thanks to its TrueMove Air Sensor, it has 1-to-1 tracking specifically for wireless gaming. Therefore, it matters not if it is used wirelessly or wired, it performs remarkably well. 

If you wish to play wirelessly, you don’t want connectivity issues. Thankfully, this mouse utilises ultra-fast Quantum 2.0 technology. As such, you enjoy 2.4 GHz lag-free connectivity. Alternatively, you can click the switch and use the 5.0 Bluetooth to connect to an array of devices. This approach is extremely versatile and allows you to use this device on the move. 

Finally, I was impressed with the awesome battery life. The compact battery is ridiculously lightweight, but this doesn’t compromise its performance. Luckily, one full charge can last up to an incredible 200 hours. However, if you somehow run out of juice, simply plug it in and charge the device while you’re in the game. 

The PrismSync app

If you want your gaming space to pop, you’ll want every accessory to work in sync. Luckily, SteelSeries has this covered with its PrismSync app. This free-to-download software is straightforward to use. Moreover, you can customise your devices and use the pre-built game engines. Accordingly, the hard work is taken out of your hands. 

Build quality. 

I was mesmerised by the lightweight nature of the Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost. At only 68 g, this mouse is a market leader. Moreover, its holey shell design allows the RGB to stand out. Furthermore, the translucent case is striking and unusual. As such, this is ideal for a gamer who wants a unique device.

The ultra-thin PCB and next-gen Golden Micro IP54 switches ensure that this mouse is super durable. Rated for an amazing 80 M clicks, the switch will outlive the user. Furthermore, this high rating is around 3 times more than its peers. Accordingly, you are assured that this device is built to last.

Alongside this, the case was designed using AquaBarrier technology. Consequently, it is protected from dirt, hair, dust, and minor spillages. Therefore, you can forget the minor issues and focus on your gaming. Speaking of gaming, the 100% Virgin Grade PTFE skates guarantee smooth and rapid movement. Subsequently, you can make large swooping motions without a juddery performance. To make the most of this, I recommend pairing it with the QcK Prism cloth mousepad.

Is the Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost worth it?

This limited-edition mouse is phenomenal! Not only does it look great, but it feels extremely comfortable to use. Moreover, it is unbelievably rapid and lightweight and will change the way you game. If you then consider the glorious RGB lighting and the awesome PrismSync app, this will improve any gaming setup. Accordingly, this is a fantastic gaming mouse and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on SteelSeries can be found here!)

The Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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