ReviewsReview: DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard

Review: DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard


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The DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard made me giddy with excitement. This awesome product looks incredible, sounds amazing, and feels wonderful to hold. Moreover, the responsive switches and striking design will mesmerise any Tolkien fan. Accordingly, if you love Lord of the Rings, this is a must-have product for your gaming or work area.

This amazing prebuilt keyboard has a no-nonsense approach. Consequently, it’ll appease every technophobe or lazy gamer across the globe. However, if you love to hot-swap your keys or customise your peripherals, you may become frustrated. Yet, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker as the keycap profile and responsive switches will impress the toughest of critics.

What’s in the box of the DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard?

  • The packaging is the tip of the beautiful iceberg. The outer sleeve is adorned with a LOTR map. This is an excellent idea as it highlights the amazing build quality. Other than this, the rest of the packaging is great to look at whilst keeping the contents well-protected.
  • The DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard doesn’t disappoint. This solid unit feels heavy and looks impressive. Moreover, the stunning keycaps will blow you away. This TKL format comprises 87 keys and is ideal for smaller workstations.
  • A keycap removal tool will help you to further customise the keyboard.
  • Spare keycaps are provided to change the look of the device.
  • An understated USB-C cable is provided to power the keyboard.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual.

Technical aspects.

I adore it when a company creates its switches. Now, this may not float everyone’s boat, but the Holy Panda X Switches sound cool, and they deliver pinpoint accuracy. These tactile switches are complemented by the Phantom Stabilisers and this is a marriage made in heaven. Not only does it create an impressive typing experience, but they sound great and feel pleasant to use. Consequently, they are fantastic during marathon gaming sessions or if you are typing a work email.

Alongside this, the MT3 Dwarvish keycap profile has a pleasant curvature that hugs the tips of your fingers. As such, I enjoyed playing every game and typing documents with improved accuracy and comfort. Additionally, the travel distance and response rate of the switches make this an ideal gaming keyboard. 

Build quality.

Where the DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard excels is its incredible build quality. However, I want to address one issue before I continue. The supplied USB-C cable doesn’t match this product’s chunky and impressive nature. I’d have expected a robust and colour-matched coiled cable. Instead, you are provided with a suitable but disappointing lightweight alternative. As such, I will change the cable to improve the overall aesthetic.

This problem to one side, you will be blown away by every other aspect. The solid case is heavy and impressive. Moreover, the colour palette matches the theme and transports you to a fantasy world. Additionally, the OSHETART artwork is stunning and the immense Dwarvish runes are complemented by the dark grey anodised aluminium case.

On top of this, the Holy Panda X Switches deliver a glorious clicking sound that is noisy and reassuringly loud. Consequently, if you adore a solid unit that feels great and sounds incredible, this is the keyboard for you.

Is the DROP LOTR Dwarvish keyboard worth it?

The gaming keyboard market is saturated. Subsequently, getting the right one is no easy task. However, if you love The Lord of the Rings, and you want your keyboard to pop, then you need look no further. Not only does it look amazing, but it is built to last, and it is comfortable to use. Furthermore, you are provided with a 3-year standard warranty for peace of mind. As such, I adore this keyboard and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on DROP can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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