NewsNews: Nerdytec's Couchmaster

News: Nerdytec’s Couchmaster


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Nerdytec’s Couchmaster has some incredible deals this Black Friday! Their awesome lap desks enable you to game from the comfort of your sofa. Moreover, they look fantastic and they are built with the finest of materials. Consequently, they are robust and will last hours of gaming sessions.

From November 17th until December 3rd, you can get up to 25% off these incredible products. Accordingly, you can change your gaming space without leaving your couch. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you game on a laptop, PC, or console, you’ll enjoy a game-changing and relaxing experience.

Some details on Nerdytec’s Couchmaster products.

Couchmaster Cycon2 Lap Desk. RRP $189.00

The new CYCON² represents the current flagship of the available Couchmaster models. Thanks to the six integrated USB 3.0 ports, all required input devices such as keyboards, mice, gamepads and headsets can be connected directly to the Couchmaster. Of course, mobile devices like smartphones or tablets can also be connected and charged at the fast-charging USB port. To keep the cables of the connected devices out of the way, the Couchmaster CYCON² has a modified and now even more easily accessible cable management system.

Couchmaster Cybot. RRP $149.00

The new Couchmaster CYBOT is a game-changer for all notebook users! Thanks to its special ventilation grille, it ensures optimal cooling of your gaming notebook (up to 17 inches). Furthermore, the CYBOT is made from sustainable materials. Crafted from ethically sourced, fast-growing bamboo, the CYBOT is both light and durable.

Couchmaster Cypunk Limited Edition. RRP $269.00

Designed by multimedia artist Matthew Midir (Outgroove Production), this brand new CYPUNK Limited Edition impresses with its retro-futuristic cyberpunk look, which is a successful homage to the highly anticipated AAA blockbuster. The high-tech thermal print placed on the cushions looks amazing with its brilliant quality and bright colours, which brilliantly reflect the dark cyberpunk elegance. Many details such as the DeLorean sports car with its drive nozzles or the neon signs in Cityspeak typical for the genre make the Couchmaster CYPUNK an absolute eye-catcher. Get one of the strictly limited editions now and become a hero of this dark cyber world!

Change the way you game.

Being tied to your desk isn’t enjoyable. However, Nerdytec’s Couchmaster changes the playing field forever. Their exceptional products allow console gamers to comfortably use a mouse and keyboard. Alternatively, laptop lovers will enjoy high-end gaming without the risk of melting their legs. Consequently, this is a win, win and gamers will adore these products. As such, don’t miss out on their incredible lap desks this Black Friday.

(More information on Nerdytec can be found here!)

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Daniel Waite
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