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Review: Remoska Prima portable oven


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The Remoska Prima portable oven (4L) is an incredible device to save money whilst maintaining a traditional cooking approach. This portable oven is suitable for your kitchen worktop, caravan, or campervan. Furthermore, as long as you have somewhere to plug it in, you can use this wonderful device to your heart’s content.

If you love to bake, grill, or cook a roast, then this energy-saving kitchen accessory will be right up your street. Thanks to the Teflon-coated pan and simple-to-use controls, this device can be used by amateur or master chefs alike. Additionally, its low energy consumption ensures that this will complement your Air Fryer whilst making your oven defunct.

What’s in the box of the Remoska Prima portable oven?

  • The colourful box is large, strong, and nice to look at. Adorned with key selling points and great imagery, it demands to be opened.
  • The Remoska Prima portable oven comes in 2 sizes, 2 and 4 litres. I opted for the larger option as it comfortably cooks for up to 5 people. The device comprises 3 parts; the large lid, the 29 cm Teflon bowl, and the sturdy base.
  • Power your device with the chunky 3A rubberised cable.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the easy-to-follow guide.

Technical aspects.

Before I venture into the usability, I’m compelled to highlight the cost-saving elements of this cooker. Most standard household cookers are energy monsters! Thankfully, the 4-litre version of the Remoska Prima portable oven uses no more than 580 Watts of energy. Accordingly, 1 hour of usage of this amazing device is the equivalent of 10 minutes of pre-heating of your oven. On top of this, you do not have to wait to start cooking. Thanks to the simple-to-use switch, you can start baking, grilling, and cooking immediately.

However, word of warning, you will need to read the instruction manual and some Remoska recipes to ensure that you are making the most of this traditional Czech device. Similar to the swap from oven to Air Fryer, this device requires a different approach. Accordingly, you may need to use water to reduce damage while you pre-heat the device. Yet, once you understand the basics, you’ll adore its versatile nature and how straightforward it is to use. Moreover, anything that is up to 6 times more economical than an oven will always get a thumbs up from me.


As you can see, this device takes a little getting used to. Yet, once you understand its quirks, you’ll find it to be as user-friendly as other traditional cooking methods. Effectively, the constant temperature requires a watchful eye and some excellent recipes. However, when you get it right, you are rewarded with mouth-watering meals that are succulent and juicy. Thanks to the excellent porthole in the lid, you can watch your meat cooking, your vegetables baking, or your cakes rising. Subsequently, you won’t need to remove the lid to check your progress and this prevents the food from drying out.

I admit that the Remoska Prima portable oven took me a while to master. But now I have, I wouldn’t go back to my oven. When I combine this with my Ninja Air Fryer, I have everything I need to create a large meal for my family of 5. Furthermore; I enjoy the challenge that I faced with a new and unique way of cooking.

Build quality.

A portable oven must be easy to handle and well-built. Additionally, I want the pan to be easy to clean and the coating to last a long time. Thanks to the incredible non-stick Teflon coating, cooking and cleaning have never been so easy. What’s more, it didn’t matter if I was cooking pork or roasting a chicken; it was just as easy to clean, regardless. Moreover, you can use racks and silicone trays to separate your foods and improve your experience further.

The 4-litre version weighs an impressive 3 Kg. On top of this, the pan has a large 29 cm diameter. Consequently, this is heavy and big enough to be noticeable and sturdy, but light and compact enough to be useful in a caravan or motorhome. As such, you can improve your camping experience and reduce your costs when you are out and about.

Is the Remoska Prima portable oven worth it?

Energy bills have never been so high! As such, reducing your energy bills without undermining your cooking prowess has never been so important. Now, we all know that Air Fryers are great, but they don’t allow you to cook everything. Thankfully, though, this is where the Remoska Prima portable oven comes to the fore. This amazing traditional Czech device will change the way you cook forever. Alongside this, it is affordable, built to last, and it looks great. As such, I adored it and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Remoska can be found here!)

The Remoska Prima portable oven has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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