ReviewsReview: Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones

Review: Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones


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The Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones from Nank are the older sibling of the now-defunct Runner Pro device. This all-new version aims to impress its audience with exceptional sound quality, usability, and build quality at an affordable price. Alongside this, it is versatile as you can use either MP3s or a Bluetooth connection.

On top of this, the device is fully waterproof and can be used for many water-based activities. Accordingly, if you love to swim, kayak, or paddleboard, you are assured that this device is suitable for your needs. However, can it compete with the likes of the Shokz Openfit earbuds?

What’s in the box of the Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones?

  • The compact packaging is simple but attractive. Furthermore, it is adorned with key selling points and can be recycled.
  • The Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones are lightweight and feel robust and well-built. Furthermore, they are only available in a black finish. The simple design comprises a magnetic charging port and three tactile buttons.
  • Charge the device with the specially designed magnetic charger.
  • Keep the headphones attached to your glasses or goggles with the silicone clip.
  • Reduce excess noise with the earplugs.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual.

Technical aspects.

Whether you love to run, cycle, or swim, you want your music to be clear and easy to handle. Furthermore, if you can remove unnecessary wires, or run without your phone, then that is a massive bonus. Thankfully, the Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones allow you to run untethered. Thanks to the simple-to-use MP3 mode, you can leave your phone at home and still enjoy your favourite songs on the move.

These headphones have tackled some of the gripes of their predecessor. First, Nank has removed the microphone. Accordingly, they are 5 grams lighter. Alongside this, the storage space is 4 times bigger at 32 GB. Consequently, you should be able to install around 1000 songs! On top of this, it utilises Bluetooth 5.3. Accordingly, the connection is stronger and the power draw is much lower. This helps the 230 mAh battery to deliver around 8 hours of music at 60% volume.

Finally, if you wish to use these headphones in the water, you can thanks to the IP68 rating. Subsequently, they are resistant to sweat, dust, rainwater, and seawater. However, there is a limit of 20 meters depth and no more than 40 minutes of constant submersion.

Build quality and usability.

Headphones and sports go hand-in-hand. Yet, this doesn’t mean that all of them are fit for purpose. Thankfully, the Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones are flexible, robust, and can withstand knocks, drops, and bumps. On top of this, the excellent magnetic charging point doesn’t hold grime and dirt like some of its rivals. Furthermore, the excellent tactile buttons are simple to locate and easy to use. Consequently, they improve usability and make it easy to pause or skip songs when on the move.

Talking of usability, I loved how easy it was to charge and transfer MP3s onto the device. Moreover, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.3 system, connecting these headphones to your phone was a straightforward task. As such, this is the perfect audio accessory for any technophobes, sports people, or music experts.

Sound quality.

I adored the rich sound and decent bass that I experienced with this device. Furthermore, if I used the earplugs, I could remove unnecessary wind noise to improve my experience further. Accordingly, I could enjoy the same range of tones and depth of bass that other in-ear products offer. However, I didn’t need to potentially damage my eardrums as the sound is transferred via my bones rather than directly through my ears.

Another key feature to consider is your awareness when undertaking a sporting event. If you use noise-cancelling headphones, you have no understanding of the dangers you face. Yet, if you use this technology, you are always aware of approaching cars, other cyclists, or any vulnerable people you may encounter. Consequently, these headphones make you much safer than the in-ear alternative.

Are the Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones worth it?

Bone Conducting headphones are more commonplace these days. However, Shokz still has the market share. Yet, you shouldn’t discount other manufacturers, especially when they offer incredible alternatives at a fraction of the cost. This is exactly what Nank does with their devices that are comfortable, versatile, and user-friendly. Accordingly, I enjoyed my time with this product and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Nank can be found here!)

The Runner Pro2 Bone Conducting headphones has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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