Christmas 2023Review: Sony INZONE H5 Wireless Gaming Headset

Review: Sony INZONE H5 Wireless Gaming Headset


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Here is our review of the new Sony INZONE H5 Wireless Gaming Headset that was announced this week.

With a light-weight build and lower side pressure, the INZONE H5 is ready for even your longest gaming sessions. And with advanced spatial reproduction to keep you immersed, and a microphone that makes sure you’re heard, you’ll be well on your way to victory.

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming allows you to hear the direction and distance to your opponent, so you can react first and win more. If you want further personalisation, you can customise your sound in the INZONE Hub.

A smooth nylon earpad, low side pressure and soft headband cushion to evenly distribute the light-weight 260 g headphones, all combine to make the INZONE H5 comfortable even for long session.

A bidirectional boom microphone reduces unwanted noise and AI-based noise reduction technology picks your voice out from the background, meaning you get clearer communication with your teammates and a better chance at victory.

A low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection with USB dongle lets you play freely without cables for up to 28 hours, though you’ll always have the option of a wired connection when you want it.


  • Wireless: 2.4GHz wireless connection.
  • 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming: Precision with 3D sound positioning.
  • Endless Comfort: Lightweight at 260g, soft-fit ear pads, and low-pressure design for extended gaming sessions.
  • Crystal-Clear Communication: AI-based noise reduction and bi-directional microphone ensure clear in-game calls.
  • Battery Life: 28 hours wireless.
  • Wired: 3.5 mm plug option.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the H5, charging cable, 3.5 mm cable, instructions and USB Transceiver.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The Sony INZONE H5 headsets looks great in white – it’s like an extension to your PS5.

Charging the H5 is easy, just plug in the cable and wait. When fully charged, the H5 will last around 28 hours, so more than enough for a few gaming sessions before needing to be recharged. If you do run out of charge, then just 10 minutes of charge time will give you around 3 hours of use if you really do need to get back into the fight. You can also charge the H5 whilst using it!

The Sony INZONE H5 works on a PS5 and a PC, and so before you plug in the USB Transceiver, make sure you switch it to either PS5 mode or PC mode.

Then you just hold down the power button to switch on the H5.

The H5 is very lightweight and feels comfortable, even for long gaming sessions.

The boom microphone works really well, and produces very clear speech. It’s easy to move out of the way as well if you don’t want to use it. When it is raised up out of the way, it is automatically disabled, and when you lower it back down it is switched back on. There is also a volume dial on the left hand side which makes is really easy to adjust the volume whenever you need to. You can make subtle changes to the volume for either the game or chat so you can find that perfect balance for you.

The sound quality of the H5 is excellent. It produces 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming which means you can even hear the direction your opponents is coming from which should give you an edge! There is also an app for your phone which you can use to personalise this as well, so much sure you take a look at that. You can also use the INZONE Hub PC software to customise a lot more as well.

There is also a 3.5 mm cable included in the box if you want or need to use the H5 in a wired capacity.

The Sony INZONE H5 Wireless Gaming Headset is available now priced around £139.99 and is a must have if you want a great quality wireless gaming headset.

You can learn more from the Sony website here.

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