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Review: Ring Door View Cam (2023 version) and Chime Pro


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Here is our review of the Ring Door View Cam (2023 version) and Chime Pro.

Enjoy all the benefits of a Video Doorbell – 1080p HD Video, Two-Way Talk and motion-activated notifications – in a sleek, compact form that’s perfectly designed for homes and flats with a compatible peephole. It installs in minutes, senses knocks and lets you see who’s at your door from anywhere. So you can spend less time worrying about home and more time enjoying your every day.

See who’s there from anywhere with the all-new Door View Cam. Add security and convenience to your home with a smart, compact HD camera. Get mobile notifications, and see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone or tablet. Apartments, houses – whether you own or rent, if there’s a compatible peephole on your door, Door View Cam has it covered.

What’s in the box?

Door View Cam

The box contains the Door View Cam, battery, charging cable, tool, back cover and instructions.

Chime Pro

The Chime Pro box contains the Chime Pro, 2 different plug connections and some instructions.

A Closer Look

Door View Cam

Chime Pro

Final Thoughts

Setting up the Door View Cam in very simple – you just have to unscrew your existing door peephole (you can use the tool in the box to help), place the outside section through the hole on the outside of the door, and then fit the rear section, insert the battery and then follow the instructions on the Ring app to add the Door View Cam – it really is that simple (although you need to be very careful of not damaging the thin cable that connects the outside part to the inside part). You can then make all the settings changes you want and need from the app and leave it running.

There is even a physical peephole you can look through if you dont have your phone with you at the time.

The Door View Cam works really well, and unlike other doorbell cams, this one actually has a built-in impact sensor so if someone comes to the door and knocks instead of pressing the doorbell button it will still register.

The image and sound quality is great and works really well. You can of course turn off sound if you just want picture and you can set up privacy zones if you only want to capture a certain area.

As mentioned you use your phone (or tablet, or other device) to receive notifications of someone at the door, or to see who is at the door, but if you combine it with a Ring Chime Pro you can also receive audio notifications (like an old fashioned doorbell). Setting it up is simple, then you can place the chime anywhere in your home that works for you.

The box also includes a 30 day trial to Ring Protect so you can see what it can offer you and then you can decide if you want to sign up for a subscription and gain all the extra benefits. Ring Protect allows you to review, save and share your videos. With a Ring Protect subscription, starting from £3.49 per month per device, store unlimited Ring footage in the cloud for 180 days, to rewatch, download to your own device or share with friends and family.Standard features such as instant notifications, live view and two-way talk are available out of the box and for free on all Ring devices.

This is a really great combination of security and easy of use and we highly recommend getting one to protect your home.

The Ring Door View Cam and Chime Pro is available now as a package priced around £149.98 (at the time of writing the package was on sale for £129.99.

You can learn more from the Ring website.

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