GamingReview: Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!

Review: Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!


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The Nintendo Switch is home to an ever-growing list of enjoyable multiplayer games. Further adding to that list is the recently released Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! which is developed by Taito and published by United Games Entertainment GmbH. Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! is a fantastic entry in the Puzzle Bobble franchise that features a bright bubbly soundtrack, cutesy graphics, and addicting puzzle gameplay. This title also features a lot of content including a story mode. However, the story mode forces you to listen to the character’s annoying voices throughout the lackluster tale it tries to tell.

Bubbles everywhere

As stated before, Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!’s story is underwhelming. The story follows the tale of Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab after discovering that the whole of their homeland, Rainbow Island, has been covered in bubbles. Only the aforementioned bubble-blowing dragons will be able to eliminate the bubbles and figure out why the island is covered in bubbles. While I wasn’t expecting a complex narrative, the interactions between characters left much to be desired. Thankfully, the meta jokes and humor in some of the dialogue kept me from being completely bored with the story. Unfortunately, the plot is dull even with its occasional witty humor. While the story may not be the best the rest of the game is simply a treat to experience.

Bub (Green), Bob (Blue), Peb (Yellow), and Pab (Pink) enjoying the calm before the storm

Bubble’s of all different colors

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! features very enjoyable gameplay with lots of different modes. The basic gameplay is simple. Connect three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. If you burst bubbles that are holding other bubbles up, those bubbles will fall off and burst as well. While seemingly simple, the gameplay has a lot of depth with its various power-ups, changing the way you think about the levels. You can even save the power-ups for later by having them drop on the ground. All of this combines into a satisfying and addicting gameplay experience. This is enhanced by the various modes on offer, including, Story, Versus, and Puzzle Bobble vs Space Invaders.

Playing Story mode with friends

Story mode

Story mode has you playing through the story of the game, going to different areas to clear all the bubbles. In each area, there are 15 levels, each of them being a mini puzzle. These puzzles may task you with bursting all the bubbles within a time limit or helping the creatures stuck inside the bubbles before the whole puzzle squishes you. While easy at first, these levels can become quite challenging and may take several attempts for even a one-star ranking. Each of the levels has a possible ranking out of three stars, which you can earn based on how quickly you complete each one. By getting three stars on every level in an area you unlock extra stages, giving you the incentive to master each level. Overall, the story mode is a great mode with lots of content to play through and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Versus mode is where you can go head-to-head locally or online. Similar to Puyo Puyo and Tetris 99 you can send grey bubbles to your opponent’s field by clearing your bubbles. A grey bubble will change to the color bubble it is hit with so you can use the grey bubbles to send a large amount of bubbles to your opponent. Bubbles that fall off also add to the damage sent. You lose by having your bubbles reach the ground. This is a fun mode that I can see myself logging hundreds of hours into. Now all we need is Puyo Puyo Tetris Puzzle Bobble.

Puzzle Bobble Vs Space Invaders

Lastly, we have Puzzle Bobble Vs Space Invaders. In this mode, you move around and dodge enemy lasers while throwing bubbles at the spaceships that are shooting at you. Each spaceship corresponds to a color and just like in the main game, you destroy the spaceships by matching them with three or more of the same color. This mode feels a little lackluster compared to the other two modes, however, it is still just as enjoyable.

Puzzle Bobble VS Space Invaders

Bright, Bubbly, Rainbow Island

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! has a fantastic presentation, from the menus to the adorable art style and even the bright and bubbly soundtrack. The menus of this game remind me of Kirby Star Allies, with their comic book art style, and they look just as gorgeous. These menus are also very simple to navigate making it quite easy to get to the mode you want to play. All the character designs are also done in such an adorable fashion that it’s hard not to like any of them. Although the character designs are well done, the voices can sometimes become quite annoying. Thankfully the annoying voices are exclusive to the story cutscenes and they are not in the gameplay sections but it shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. Lastly, the soundtrack is well done. The soundtrack changes based on your situation, which is a really neat touch.

The adorable characters go head to head in versus mode

Every Bubble Puzzled Bobble

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! is a fantastic game that is perfect for newcomers to the Puzzle Bobble series. This title has fun, addicting gameplay, lots of different modes and levels, and is presented beautifully. While it has some flaws such as its annoying voice acting and lackluster story, the game is still enjoyable throughout the runtime. Overall Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! is a fantastic game that you should pick up if you are interested in puzzle games or arcade games.


+ Over 150+ levels with replay value and multiple modes
+ Fun puzzle gameplay
+ Adorable and charming art style
+ Bright bubbly Soundtrack
+ Exciting competitive multiplayer mode

- Annoying voices
- Lackluster story

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch
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+ Over 150+ levels with replay value and multiple modes <br/> + Fun puzzle gameplay <br/> + Adorable and charming art style <br/> + Bright bubbly Soundtrack <br/> + Exciting competitive multiplayer mode <br/> <br/> - Annoying voices <br/> - Lackluster story <br/> <br/> Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Review: Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!