NewsXbox is Oddly Confident Heading Into Their Summer Showcase.

Xbox is Oddly Confident Heading Into Their Summer Showcase.


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The Summer Game Fest is upon us, and Xbox is oddly confident heading into their summer showcase.

Glitter Trails & Fantasies

On May 30th, the official Xbox twitter account posted a little teaser for their June 11th showcase. It was a little cute video with glitter trails and whimsical music which both combined seemed like a Fable tease to many. You can read my article on this news below. To some, Xbox fans were just wishful thinking and that the video was teasing nothing, but I think the video was in-fact teasing Fable.

Not only do I have inside information that Fable will most likely show up at the June 11th showcase (which I have shared both on my twitter @WOGCentral, and in the article above). But I think it’s safe to assume it will be there simply based off Xbox’s reaction to the whole thing.

No Tempering Expectations

After the tease was posted and the internet went abuzz that fable was confirmed, part of me was waiting for the typical Aaron Greenberg (VP of Marketing at Xbox) tweet telling Xbox fans that no games were being teased in the post. In years past, it seemed like we got one before every show.

When we didn’t receive any sort of tweet from Aaron or Xbox, to me that spoke volumes.

Xbox is Confident

Xbox shows in recent years have been hit or miss. In 2020, PlayStation wowed gamers with tons of gameplay and exciting reveals. Xbox on the other hand, had a show loaded full of CGI reveal trailers and AA game pass titles. 2021 was a show most enjoyed from Xbox, but 2022 however was another just decent showcase.

Part of the problem for Xbox was although they have a ton of studios, they all were relatively early in their projects. Now, it’s 2023, and Xbox studios have been cooking their games for quite some time.

I’ve heard most studios at Xbox have something ready to show. Not all of them will of course, but Xbox seemingly have a jam packed show. Which is why Xbox is oddly confident in their summer showcase.

Temper expectations has been a meme in the Xbox community for a few years now, but now Aaron Greenberg is telling fans the opposite.


Personally, I think Xbox are prepping for a big show. Years past they set expectations accordingly because frankly they didn’t have much to show. That isn’t the case anymore, and I expect gamers will be blown away by what’s shown on June 11th.

I’m looking forward to hopefully a great show from Xbox.

Cody May
Cody May
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