GamingXbox Has a Chance to Dominate The Summer Showcase...

Xbox Has a Chance to Dominate The Summer Showcase Season.


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After a lackluster showcase from Playstation, Xbox now has a chance to dominate the news during the summer showcase season.

When Sony announced their Playstation Showcase for May 24th, many fans thought it was a sign of confidence. Had they came out two weeks ahead of Xbox and put on a stellar show, Unreachable expectations would have been put on the Xbox Showcase. Now, Xbox are breathing a sigh of relief as they are poised to have the best showcase of the summer.

The Summer Showcase Feud

The summer of gaming has been a long tradition in the industry, being termed by many as “Gamers Christmas.” It’s a jolly time where tons of new games are revealed, gameplay is shown, and dreams come true. Xbox and Playstation have battled for years during the summer. Each wants to put on the best show for their fans and gamers everywhere.

Although some may not think it’s a big deal, a really good showcase can swing the mindshare of the consumer. For instance, it was the 2013 infamous PlayStation showcase which was the final nail in the Xbox One coffin. At the end of the day, gamers want to see a good show, and they’ll respect the ones who give it to them.

Heading into this years summer, many at Xbox probably gulped when Sony announced their first showcase in two years. Expectations were high, with most thinking this was gonna be the be-all-end-all showcase of the summer with Sony revealing a multi-year new phase of exclusives. That however didn’t happen and most were left unsatisfied, leaving all eyes on the Xbox Showcase on June 11th.

Xbox Showcase Rumors I’ve Heard

Yes, many did expect Sony to announce a multi-year roadmap of major exclusives, but I’ve heard Xbox are actually the one planning that. From what my sources have told me, Xbox is planning a showcase to “Wow Gamers… they want people to be convinced in their vision for game pass and that they can release a major quality exclusive every quarter.”

I’ve heard gameplay is a major focus, particularly with a game such as Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment. I was told Avowed is a game everyone at Xbox is raving about and that they believe it’s going to blow people away at the showcase.

Avowed Reveal Trailer

From what I’ve heard will be shown, Xbox have a chance to dominate the summer showcase season.

It all remains to be seen though and any rumor you hear should be taken with a grain of salt. As a fan of gaming, I cheer for everyone. I was hoping Sony would have a great show and I liked some of the stuff there. I’m hoping Xbox has an amazing show, with games for everyone and major surprises.

Cody May
Cody May
Avid Gamer and aspiring Storyteller.


  1. Define what you mean by dominate? Xbox DID DOMINATE teh summer shoecases the past 3 or 4 years since nobody Nintendo or PlayStation didn’t go to E3 in years. And what was that showcase like last year that the hardcore Xbox fan will say…….. that it was from great to brilliant.

    Reality check. This is the showcase that the 2 biggest games at it were Starfield and………. yep, Redfall, a game that plenty of us have been utterly baffled with since E3 2021 on how mediocre it looked from the get go.
    And if that wasn’t enough, Phil liar Spencer’s big quote of the year “everything you see here in the next 2 hours will launch in the next 12 months” was the only thing these same Xbox fans were regurgitating.

    Now, it was already a below par showcase, for example, try and remember anything shown at it from a perspective of it being an E3 showcase and the fact they even bothered to show up to present it too (I STILL don’t understand why Xbox was still doing E3 showcases the past few years). There was nothing mind blowing at it and Starfield and Forza certainly won’t be launching before July 2023.

    So before Redfall launched and everything else major DIDN’T release at all yet, it was an awful show, plain and simple……….. and that’s without anybody else even showing up. Xbox did all the damage to themselves.

    Then a slither of hope happened. Square Enix did, what, a 15 minute presentation with a Crisis Core remake launching “this year” AND and a reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 WITH ingame footage and all and it will be launching this year (if the winter 2022 Crisis Core release and then it launching in December 2022 is anything to go by).
    I will say it and many others and publications did too, E3 was saved by that 15 mins and Square took the crown. The internet was on fire, it was the tiniest glimmer of what makes E3, E3, that we had seen in a while.

    Hopefully they will do it again and we get a sweet 20 mins presentation of FFVII Remake Part 2, just like we did the first part at E3 2019, the greatest single game showcase at E3 in years with multiple trailers, gameplay and details of the game presented perfectly.

    THAT’s what dominating the summer is all about. Whatever Phil says in 2 weeks time……….. why would ANYBODY believe any of it anymore. Its Stockholm Syndrome at this point.

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