TechReview: EasySMX TG-01 Wireless Earbuds

Review: EasySMX TG-01 Wireless Earbuds


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I’m always excited when new products appear, and that was the case when I learned about the TG-01 wireless earbuds. I wasn’t familiar with EasySMX, but I’m so glad I tested these because, for the incredibly reasonable price point, they are exceptional.


Now, I know packaging isn’t the most important thing when it comes to a tech review, but I can’t help but think the unboxing experience really is where it all begins. Thankfully, the TG-01 wireless earbuds have some pretty good packaging. The box is simple, providing graphics and information on all sides and opens like a book with a magnetic closure revealing the goodies within.

The charging case, and indeed the earbuds themselves, are made of smooth, high-quality plastic with a nice grey-to-black gradient. The case has a single USB-C port on the bottom for charging and a discrete EasySMX logo. Overall, it feels good in the hand, like a smooth pebble. The case fastens with a magnetic closure, and the earbuds are secure inside with magnets as well. I did try shaking it about, and they didn’t fall out, so I’m not worried about losing them from the case when on the go. The case has a small light to indicate the charge level.

The earbuds themselves are the traditional stick design and have a small indicator light. As soon as you take them out of the case they will pair with a device or be ready to pair. It’s all incredibly slick and seamless. The silicone tips of the earbuds are interchangeable, so you can find a size to ensure a secure fit.


The TG-01 wireless earbuds have fantastic compatibility, even though they’re marketed for use with VR headsets. This is because the versatility of both a USB dongle and Bluetooth connection makes them usable with pretty much any device you can think of. I’ve tested them with my phone, PC, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck and both the Quest 2 and PICO 4 and didn’t run into any connection problems. This makes them a perfect travel companion because one set of earbuds is all you need.

The dongle is great for ultra-low latency, and I would always recommend this when connecting to a games console or headset. If your device doesn’t have USB-C, then don’t worry, because the dongle also comes with a removable USB-C to USB-A adapter. If you have multiple things to plug in, for example, a charging cable, the dongle allows for USB-C passthrough. The dual mode worked well, allowing pairing via Bluetooth and dongle at the same time. Perfect for when a call interrupts your gaming.

Pros and Cons of the EasySMX TG-01 Wireless Earbuds

+ Great audio quality overall– Charging cable is very short
+ Ultra-low latency (virtually none!)– Slightly muddy mids and highs
+ Touch volume control 
+ Easy to pair and use 
+ Dual connectivity 

Using the Earbuds

The TG-01 wireless earbuds are incredibly easy to use. Either pair via Bluetooth or use the included dongle. When using them with a multitude of devices I didn’t run into any issues with paring and even with Bluetooth, the latency was acceptable. Of course, for gaming, you will always want to use the dongle, and when you do, the latency is virtually non-existent. The USB-C passthrough on the dongle is a great feature, too, allowing for my other VR accessories to be plugged in at the same time.

The earbuds are exceptionally comfortable to wear with a decent fit, I didn’t worry about them falling out during some highly mobile VR  gaming. In the box you also get some additional tips which can be swapped out easily and provide different fits.

When it comes to sound quality, I was fairly impressed. They sound clear and have some nice rich bass to them. I will say there’s a slight muddiness to the mids and highs but certainly not enough to ruin the experience. Overall, they provided a rich, crisp sound. Voice was particularly clear, which I appreciated.

What’s in the box?

  • TG-01 Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C Dongle
  • USB-C to USB-A Adapter
  • Interchangeable Earbud Tips
  • USB-C to USB-A Charging cable
  • Literature

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth version5.0
Driver size10mm
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
Battery lifeUp to 4 hours (earbuds) / Up to 3 additional charges with the case
Charging time2 hours
Water resistanceIPX4
Control modeTouch
Track systemTwo-channel

Where to Buy the TG-01 Wireless Earbuds*

In the USA, the earbuds can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here or directly from the official EasySMX website by clicking here.

In the UK, the earbuds can be purchased from Amazon here.

Final Thoughts on the TG-01 Wireless Earbuds from EasySMX

For the cost of the earbuds, the TG-01 wireless earbuds from EasySMX are fantastic. They look good, fit well, and provide great sound quality. The earbuds are also incredibly comfortable to wear for prolonged gaming sessions. It’s honestly astonishing that they’re so affordable, considering the features like dual connectivity and ultra-low latency via the dongle.  

To find out more, check out the EasySMX website.

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