NewsAvoiding Rage Quitting when You Play

Avoiding Rage Quitting when You Play


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Avoiding rage quitting is a skill many gamers have learned to develop. Even the most mild-mannered person can become a raging hulk under the right cues. So, here are some tips.

Learn to Stay Clear of Griefers

There’s nothing more egregious to a video game than the evil spawn known as “griefers.” These swamp-born manifestations of pure arrogance will go out of their way to ruin your game. There are actually millions of gamers who no longer play GTA Online because griefing is so bad on the servers. However, you can steer clear of griefers by hopping lobbies and servers. You can also try looking for Minecraft servers, for example, that are whitelisted and known as friendly servers.

Try to Understand What Sets You Off

Of course, rage quitting is mostly tied to your own emotional responses to something that happens. The best way to understand this is to actively observe what you are doing when something causes you to fly off the handle. Of course, this is challenging. But you can consider recording your sessions for review later on. Take note of how you react to certain things during a play session. Try to identify patterns that cause your sessions to be unpleasant experiences.

Find the Right Team for Avoiding Rage Quitting

Further to teammates, rage quitting is often the result of poor performance from someone else rather than being angry at yourself. Unless you play with a great team all the time, there’s not much you can do about this. But you can try checking out another player’s vitals and stats before deciding to start a game. For instance, you will be better off quitting out of a GTA Online job like Server Farm if the crew has even one player at a low level with very low stats.

Try Not Playing when Stressed

When you angrily quit out of a game, it may not be necessary because you are having a bad experience within it but because you are already agitated. Stress, anxiety, and things in your personal life can cause this. So, if you are feeling bad in any way, it might be best to find something relaxing to do instead of booting up a game. Or you risk making your anger and other issues worse while playing. And you will end up being a poor teammate when playing online.

Upgrade Your Experience for Better Play

How you experience a game goes further than what’s in it. It also covers your surroundings, your setup, and even your internet speed. So upgrade your day to upgrade your play. If you can afford it, get yourself a gaming chair, decent headphones, and a good size display. This will help you feel more comfortable while playing. Also, getting the best internet speed you can afford will definitely reduce lag and improve your experience. And used wired accessories for better input.


It should be said that avoiding rage quitting is hard. But it never helps and makes existing issues worse. You can stay away from griefers, get calm before playing and upgrade your environment.

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Andrew Edney
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