NewsConquer Your Fear and Experience a Scary Escape Room

Conquer Your Fear and Experience a Scary Escape Room


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Are you afraid to visit a scary escape room? We will tell you how to overcome your fear. Top scary rooms for your escape included.

If you are seeking an experience that will give you an adrenaline rush and scare you in a good way, a scary escape room is a perfect choice. The escape rooms are designed to place you in the middle of a horror world, with scary sound effects, creepy settings, and jump scares that make you scream. The challenges and puzzles are made to be difficult and will test your problem-solving skills. There are a variety of clues and riddles to solve.

How Do You Conquer Your Fear And Make It Through A Scary Escape Room?

Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive:

Choose A Good Team

When going into a horror-themed escape room, it is recommended to go with a group. The more people in the group, the less intimidating the experience becomes. A larger group means less chance of getting separated, and the creepy sounds become less scary due to the loud noises of your friends. Having at least one brave person in the group can make the experience less scary.

Keep A Clear Head

It’s important to remind yourself that it’s only a game and try to keep a small voice in the back of your mind that constantly reassures you. There will be moments when you’ll genuinely feel scared because experts design these games to elicit maximum fear. They know exactly how to push the buttons of your subconscious for maximum effect. If someone in the group has a panic attack, it can add to the overall stress that the team is feeling.

Work Together

In a scary escape room, working as a team is crucial. Communicating with your team members and collaborating to solve the puzzles is important.

Your Lead Can Come From Hidden Clues

Although clues are given before the game begins, it’s important to keep your ears open during the game because the sounds that occur can sometimes lead you to the next clue. The more alert and attentive you are, the easier to win the game.

Be Prepared For Some Typical Scares

The most effective way to scare someone is through gradually increasing tension, which requires patience and persistence. However, some techniques can achieve a similar effect in a shorter time, such as using jump scares, creepy sounds, flickering lights, and disturbing props. Another effective technique is to separate group members, as it is easier to terrify a person when alone.

Make Sure To Put On Comfortable Clothing And Shoes

It’s important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes when going to a scary escape room, as some rooms might require crawling and running. Be prepared to get a little dirty, as there are situations where fake blood or other substances might get on your clothes and shoes.

Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to overcome your fears and enjoy the excitement of a scary escape room. So, gather your most courageous friends and prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will get your heart racing.

Top Scary Escape Rooms

If you’re a fan of horror and excitement, check out our top picks for the most thrilling and heart-pumping Questroom escape rooms that are guaranteed to leave you screaming for more.

Cannibal’s Den

In Cannibal’s Den, players are trapped in a cold, damp room with memories of being picked up by a man who seemed nice but turned out to be a serial killer. The game is a thrilling and suspenseful prison break experience that forces players to use their ingenuity and wits to escape before becoming the killer’s next meal. The game may include acting, uses fog, and is 60 minutes long.


In Resurrection, players are tasked with investigating a serial killer who has been terrorizing Los Angeles. One of the player’s friends has fallen victim to the killer, and they seek vengeance by assisting the lead detective on the case. The group finds themselves at the home of the most recent victim with one hour to investigate before the police arrive. The game blends terror and comedy and includes a live actor. This game has moderate physical activity, strobe lighting, and fog effects.


In Malediction, players find themselves in front of an old cabin as they stumble through a mystical wood. As they head towards it, they hear the story of an evil Witch and a brave Warrior whose battle ended with the Warrior being transformed into stone under the Witch’s curse. Players must break into the Witch’s cabin to avoid the same fate to create a magical elixir that can transform the Warrior back. Malediction is an interactive escape room experience emphasizing immersive interaction and team building quests between players and actors. It features a ‘Dark mode’ that players can select to change the game’s tone to a mature rated-R version. Beware, as the actor can be berating and humiliating. This game has strobe lighting and fog effects and is 60 minutes long.


Scary escape rooms are an exciting way to experience the thrill of horror in a safe and controlled environment. By following these tips, you can conquer your fears and enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles and clues with your friends. Remember to choose a good team, keep a clear head, work together, and be prepared for some typical scares. If you’re looking for a heart-pumping adventure, try one of our top picks for the most thrilling and immersive escape rooms.

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