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Review: Flexispot BS11 Pro chair


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It is shocking how much time we spend sitting down. If you work in an office, game, or stream, you’ll be stuck to your desk for most of your day. Therefore, getting the right chair is essential. Flexispot is a leading manufacturer of incredible office furniture. As such, when I was offered the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair to review, I couldn’t resist.

This ergonomic chair is well-built, stylish, and extremely comfortable. What’s more, you can adjust each supportive element with ease. Consequently, this is a user-friendly piece of furniture that is perfect for multiple occupancy offices. Why? Well, with the twist of a knob, push of a button, or flick of a switch, you’ll have adjusted the chair to your liking in a matter of seconds.

What’s in the box of the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair?

  • Weighing in at around 23kg, the box is bulky but manageable. The cardboard shell has some basic information and is understated. Inside, the contents are protected with a fine layer of flexible polystyrene. This had to be binned, as there is no way it can be recycled. Accordingly, there is room for improvement.
  • The Flexispot BS11 Pro chair arrives in approximately 10 bits. As such, this DIY build project isn’t too daunting. As you move the parts, you immediately notice the excellent materials, weighty feel, and build quality.
  • You are provided with a screwdriver/Allen key and the right number of screws for the job. Each set of screws is easy to identify thanks to their varying sizes. 
  • The simple user manual talks you through every step. Furthermore, there are helpful diagrams to keep you on track. 

Putting it together. 

Fortunately, I’m an accomplished DIYer. Therefore, the thought of putting together this chair didn’t bother me. However, due to the weight of some of the components, it would be easier to get a helping hand. Yet, a solo build is perfectly achievable and takes around 15 minutes.

Once all the packaging is removed, the screws are organised, and you’ve arranged the parts, you simply follow the step-by-step guide. I found lining up the screws and tightening every part to be a cinch. My only complaint, however, would be that the diagrams could be clearer. Though you can make out what is required, a larger image would have helped matters.

Technical aspects.

There are many gaming and office chairs available. Subsequently, how do you pick a winner from the masses? Well, Flexispot is a renowned company that produces incredible standing desks and a range of other office equipment. Therefore, I was confident the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair would be exceptional. Yet, I didn’t expect it to be as great as it was.

This comfortable chair allows you to adjust the armrests, head section, height, and lumber support. With easy-to-access switches, you can recline the back, move the base, twist the armrests and adjust the height. Thanks to a gas-powered strut, the chair moves smoothly as you increase and decrease the height. Moreover, the well-constructed tactile levers are reassuringly strong and built to last.

Another element that amazed me was how versatile the setup could be. Subsequently, the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair is perfect for users of different heights and builds. Thanks to the fully adjustable headrest, taller users will receive the same benefits as their shorter counterparts.

Build quality. 

The ergonomic design and adjustable parts are incredible. Yet, I loved the look of this chair just a bit more. Not only is this a comfortable piece of furniture, but it is phenomenal to look at. With a white frame that is overlaid by a grey mesh, it is undeniably professional in its design. Furthermore, the aluminium alloy chassis is reassuringly strong, heavy, and well-balanced. Alongside this, the breathable mesh ensures that you never feel sweaty during extended work sessions.

Underneath the seat, you’ll locate many switches. Each of these levers moves independent parts. Moreover, they are sturdy and easy to use. The strong gas-powered strut raises and lowers the chair and the motion is smooth. Alongside this, the chair holds each position perfectly and you never worry that it’ll falter.

Unlike its peers, the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair remains comfortable during extended sessions. Thanks to the taught mesh and the padded seat, there are no hot spots or pressure points. What’s more, the ergonomic design makes this the perfect choice if you suffer from a bad back or tight hips.

Is the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair worth it?

Available for £429.99, this is a hefty investment. Yet, it is money well spent as it ticks every box. Thanks to its ergonomic design, stylish finish, and adjustable parts, it is suitable for many users. Consequently, this is the perfect accompaniment to the Flexispot EHD2 or the Q8 8-in-1 Standing Desk. I think the Flexispot BS11 Pro chair is amazing and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Flexispot can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
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