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Review: Flexispot EHD2 Standing Desk


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Now and then, you get an offer you can’t refuse. Recently, this came in the form of a standing desk. Now, Andrew has looked at plenty of products from Flexispot, but my opportunity has never arisen. However, that has now changed, as I have the Flexispot EHD2 standing desk in my possession. 

This stylish, spacious, and robust piece of furniture is the ideal solution for anyone that works from home. Furthermore, if you have children who need to complete homework, or work from a home computer or laptop, then this is an impressive option. This weighty desk has a sleek look, and the combination of wood and white finish gives it a modern look. On top of this, it has built-in USB ports, an excellent and smooth lifting device, and plenty of storage space.

Word of warning, though, this desk is really heavy to move. Consequently, I’d advise a two-person assembly for safety and convenience. Alternatively, if you take your time, and you are careful, one strong individual can cope. 

What’s in the box of the Flexispot EHD2 standing desk?

  • The packaging consists of a large sturdy box adorned with key selling points. Inside, the contents are well packaged, and this prevents damage. Sadly, the use of plastic to hold key components makes it tough to recycle. 
  • The Flexispot EHD2 standing desk comes in 6 parts. Consequently, it is easy to construct. Furthermore, the metal legs and feet are sturdy and strong. The desk itself is heavy, and the motor is cleverly hidden behind one of the drawers. 
  • Flexispot control system. The control panel is attached underneath the desk and is easily wired to the power supply. 
  • Screws and tools. The construction element of this desk is easy, as everything is provided. 
  • An instruction manual. The well-illustrated and easy-to-follow guide makes it simple to set up this stylish piece of furniture. 

Technical aspects. 

A standing desk is rated for maximum lifting tolerances, unlike a traditional desk. Subsequently, the Flexispot EHD2 standing desk has a load capacity of 40kg. Now, this may sound low, and in comparison to some of their other desks, it is, but it matters not. I trialled several setups that included my laptop, a monitor and speakers, and an array of gaming peripherals. Thankfully, the desk never stuttered, and the single motor worked perfectly during every situation. 

Alongside the lifting capabilities, you want your desk to be sturdy while being able to store an array of goods. Thankfully, this is another area in which it excels. With 2 sturdy legs that move simultaneously, the desk is stable and reliable. Alongside this, the chipboard worktop ensures there are no weak points in the design. Furthermore, it is available in both rectangular and curved formats. The latter is 140*70 cm and the first option is 120*60 or 140*70 cm. Consequently, there are several options to suit individual needs. 

So we know it is sturdy, strong, and looks great. How about the storage space? Well, with two pleasantly sized draws located under the worktop, you can hide papers, stationary, and other goods out of sight. Moreover, the drawers move smoothly along their rails and sit flush within their housing. This was fantastic, as it added to the professional look while demonstrating a high-quality finish. 

Other key points. 

I was suitably impressed by every element of the Flexispot EHD2 standing desk. Yet, the surprises kept coming. Never would I expect a desk to come with built-in USB ports. Yet, here were are! With 2 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports, you are covered in every situation. Now, you may not be sold on this idea. But when space is at a premium and power sockets are few and far between, this is a lifesaver. Now, I know you could simply plug in a 4-way power supply. However, if you want a streamlined look, this simply won’t do. Instead, charge your phone, tablet, headphones, or sports watch from one convenient location. 

From one electrical aspect to another. The lifting mechanism is unbelievably easy to use. Located on the underside of the desk, it has a straightforward design and is simple to understand. Accordingly, moving the desk along its 75-125 cm range was a cinch. Furthermore, the action is smooth as the device travels at 25mm/s. On top of this, there is an anti-collision system to prevent injuries. Subsequently, if you are moving the desk and a pet or your hand gets in the way, the motor will stop and the desk will rise. 

This safety system was impressive and didn’t falter. Alongside this, there are 4 memory settings to ensure the desk is always at the right height. This feature was fantastic and enhanced its usability and straightforward approach. 

Is the Flexispot EHD2 standing desk worth it? 

One key thing to note is the time it takes to put this together. Because of its heavy nature, you’ll need to go slow. However, the straightforward instructions and intuitive setup make it a fairly systematic and simple-to-follow task. Yet, if you lack rudimentary DIY skills, I’d probably ask for help from a competent individual. 

Purists will argue that a traditional desk should suffice. However, I disagree. If you spend hours at your workstation, then you’ll want the most comfortable experience you can have. Thankfully, the Flexispot EHD2 standing desk does just that. With its spacious design, adjustable height, and robust frame, you get the perfect seating position. Moreover, the inclusion of USB ports is a nice touch that enhances its desirability. 

I couldn’t help but love it from the moment it was set up. With a stylish look, excellent storage, smooth movement, and heavy and robust nature, it is an excellent desk. Yes, the setup is a little fiddly, but this matters not, once you are up and running. Accordingly, I adore this piece of furniture, and I recommend you buy it here! Furthermore, the Flexispot Christmas sale is now available. Get upto 33% off selected items between Dec 1st 2022 and 25th Dec 2022.

(More information on Flexispot can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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