ReviewsReview: Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone.

Review: Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone.


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Streaming and video reviews are great ways to get your point of view heard. However, if you have an awful microphone, people will run for the hills. Consequently, you want to buy something that sounds incredible, is easy to use, and looks amazing. Luckily, the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone offers all of these elements and plenty more besides.

Designed with build and audio quality in mind, this microphone blew me away. Furthermore, its metal casing and simple effective lighting system were fantastic. On top of this, there are 4 recording modes that are easy to select and straightforward to understand. As such, this is the perfect accessory for those that are starting out, and those that want a little more versatility in their set-up.

What’s in the box of the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone?

  • The simple but effective packaging is professional and striking. Furthermore, it is adorned with key selling points and can be recycled.
  • The Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone comes in three parts. You have the microphone, a small fixed tripod stand, and a 5/8″ universal lug. Each of these items is made from metal and has a brushed black finish. What’s more, the mic has a mode button at the top, gain and headphone volume knobs at the front, and a USB-C port and LED switch at the bottom.
  • The USB-C cable is relatively short, but it can be replaced with any standard cable of the same fitment. 
  • The basic user manual highlights the fundamentals. Alongside this, it tells you the use of each of the 4 recording modes. 

Technical aspects. 

Microphone TypeBack electret condenser
Pickup/Polar PatternsCardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo, Omnidirectional
Audio ConnectionUSB 1.0 or 2.0
Frequency Response20Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity‑36dB ±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Maximum SPL130dB
Microphone Gain‑12dB, 12dB maximum
Output Impedance32 ohms
Sampling RateUp to 96kHz
Bit Depth24‑bit
LED Accent Lighting ColoursPink, yellow, white, blue, green, off (no lighting)
Compatible Operating SystemsWindows® XP/Vista®/7/8/10, macOS® 10.x or later, Linux®

If you are looking for a new microphone, then you’ll want to prioritise usability and sound recording over looks. However, the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone does look great, so you won’t have to discount too much, fortunately. We can forget its style for one moment as we focus on its excellent recording facilities. 

Designed with 4 recording settings, you are spoilt for choice. Monoprice has incorporated Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional as standard. Luckily, each of these options is easily identifiable thanks to the excellent mode LED system. With the press of a button, the microphone flicks between settings while automatically adjusting the pickup and cancellation. This was incredible, as this makes it a truly versatile accessory that works on many levels.

Compared to its peers, the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone can be used for a range of tasks. You may wish to record musical instruments, interviews with one other person, a podcast situation, or a large group of friends. Whatever the event, this microphone will work perfectly. Moreover, thanks to the excellent frequency range, this device easily records a selection of vocal tones. On top of this, the sound quality was crystal clear, and I never struggled with distortion or unwanted background noises.

Build quality. 

So, we know it is easy to use and has exceptional recording facilities, but what about the build quality? Well, this weighty microphone excels in this department as well. With a brushed metal finish and a wired grid cover, it is built to last. What’s more, a delightful LED omits a coloured hue to improve the show. On top of this, the universal 5/8″ connection allows you to use the supplied mount or a boom arm. This was incredible, as it adds to its already versatile nature.

The control system is straightforward and the gain and headphone knobs are tactile and simple to adjust. Furthermore, adjusting the recording settings or the colour was easy to do. Thanks to the easily identifiable buttons, you can set up the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone in no time at all. Additionally, Monoprice has utilised a USB-C system to power the device. This was a wise choice, as I believe it makes it more accessible to standard gamers and streamers.

Is the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone worth it?

Having reviewed the ROCCAT Torch, the Ampligame A8 microphone, and the Shure MV7X, I know what a good microphone looks like. Consequently, the Dark Matter: Sentry Streaming Microphone compares nicely to its peers. With exceptional build quality, a fancy LED display, and simple controls, this is a user-friendly device. Moreover, the 4 preset recording modes are exceptional! As such, this makes this microphone stand out from its peers.

I absolutely adored its usability, the sound quality, and how great it looks. On top of this, the plug-and-play approach and USB-C setup make it the perfect accessory for newbies and veterans alike. Accordingly, it is for all these reasons that I recommend you buy it here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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