TechReview: Ampligame A8 microphone

Review: Ampligame A8 microphone

From Fifine


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If you are a streamer, your microphone setup is the key to your success. Accordingly, if you purchase a poor quality or difficult-to-use accessory, this can be the difference between success and failure. What’s more, looking great while having perfect sound is also a must. Therefore, a small and sleek design that incorporates RGB lighting must be of interest. However, a microphone like this will definitely break the bank. Consequently, newcomers and small-time streamers will want a cost-effective alternative. This is where the Ampligame A8 microphone from Fifine comes into play. It is an excellent alternative to top-end products and will surprise you with its amazing recording qualities.

Thanks to the combination of low-cut frequency response and decent mids and highs, it delivers respectable clarity for the price. What’s more, it is jam-packed with features that make it user-friendly, vivid, and fantastic for an array of gaming options. With a simple plug-and-play set-up, you can use this microphone in seconds. It is compatible with PS4/5, PC, and macOS, has adjustable RGB, a touch mute button, and the ability to alter the gain level. In short, it’s a small microphone that packs a lot of punch.

A vivid range of RGB lighting.
The Ampligame A8 microphone in all its glory.

What’s in the box of the Ampligame A8 microphone?

  • The packaging is lightweight but pleasant on the eye. Sadly, my box arrived a little worse for wear, but fortunately, the contents weren’t damaged. Furthermore, most of the packaging is recyclable, and this was great.
  • The Ampligame A8 microphone. This compact accessory is available in three colours. It also has a shock mount, adjustable stand, and a pop filter as standard. On the underside is the USB-C connection point as well as a 3.5mm audio socket. The buttons are easily identifiable and the brushed metallic finish is classy and hard-wearing.
  • USB-C charging cable. This is now the industry standard and can easily be replaced if necessary. At approximately 2 metres long, it is suitable for most setups.
  • Boom arm connector. If you work using a boom arm, this microphone can be adjusted to accommodate it. It is easy to install and sturdy.
  • User manual. A short but helpful guide that explains the fundamentals.

Technical aspects.

Polar PatternCardioid
Output ConnectionUSB Type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)
Power ConsumptionUSB 5V Power
Frequency Response50Hz-20kHz
Shipping Weight1.0 kg

As stated, a microphone is only as good as the sound it records. Thanks to the excellent pop filter, you record all your content without interference. Unlike some of its peers that have the filter built into the device, the Ampligame A8 microphone has it externally mounted. Now, I liked the design as it enables you to know where to direct your voice. Furthermore, it is removable if you wish to streamline the device further.

A filter is one thing, but unwanted vibrations affect your recordings as well. Luckily, the rubberised shock mount works wonders to reduce this. The silicone ring perfectly balances the microphone and keeps movement to a minimum. I found this to be key when manually adjusting the RGB settings or the gain at the rear of the device. If the shock mount wasn’t present, it would be much harder to handle and the quality of recording would be vastly reduced.

Light up your desk with the vivid RGB display. Now, I know fancy lights won’t be for everyone, but I couldn’t resist. With an array of solid lights, no lights at all, or a pulsed gradient, you can set it as you wish. Thanks to the touch button on the rear of the device, you can easily select the perfect option for you. Alongside this, there is a helpful mute button that changes from red to green. This touch-sensitive switch is accurate, obvious, and user-friendly. I particularly loved this feature, as I didn’t record unnecessary content in error.

Another handy feature is the gain control and 3.5mm audio jack. Combining these two features allows you to adjust and control the levels of your recording. This was an excellent inclusion as you set the audio levels as you make content. Subsequently, this reduces the need to edit, and this saves you time.

The Ampligame A8 microphone has some excellent user-friendly features. Two of these are the 3.5mm audio jack and audio gain controller.
Excellent features that make it user-friendly.

Is the Ampligame A8 microphone worth it?

The elephant in the room has to be addressed. What is that you may think? The answer? How does it compare to its high-end peers? Well, it is an excellent audio device and packs a lot of oomph for the price. However, it doesn’t quite compare to the ROCCAT Torch USB microphone. This more expensive and higher-end product has more features, a built-in mixer deck, and an exceptional pop filter. But, the Ampligame A8 microphone can be purchased for around half the price! Therefore, it shouldn’t be overlooked by the streaming community.

I think, for the money, you won’t find better. Thanks to its plug-and-play approach, and easily accessible controls, it can be used by the greatest of technophobes. More importantly, each recording is clear, free of popping and background noises, and is suitable for most streamers. Alongside this, you must admire the RGB lighting, the touch mute switch, and the shock mount. Fifine has considered every streaming issue and has overcome it with its sturdy and well-thought-out design. Accordingly, I loved using this microphone and I recommend you to buy it here!


The Ampligame A8 microphone won’t compete with its high-end peers. However, it is inexpensive for such a sturdy and stylish accessory. I loved its vivid RGB colour palette, its compact looks, and how easy it was to use. On top of this, the inclusion of a boom arm mount was perfect. It proves to be great value for money, but why not save some more? Use discount code 15AMPLIGAMEA8 and reduce the price further still.

(More information on Fifine can be found here!)

The Ampligame A8 microphone is awarded the Movies Games and Tech gold award.
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