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News: reMarkable Type Folio keyboard


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I reviewed the reMarkable 2 writing tablet in April 2022. This amazing device surprised me with its phenomenal build quality and authentic feel. Furthermore, the battery life was incredible, and taking notes was a cinch. However, the device wasn’t suitable for every task and the subscription cost was off-putting. Thankfully, the team behind reMarkable solved both these issues by reducing the monthly fee and releasing the reMarkable Type Folio keyboard.

This stunning addition not only looks fantastic, but it is built to last and it’s user-friendly. What’s more, it features full-size letter keys and has 1.3mm of key travel. As such, it is comfortable to use and lightweight. Moreover, the addition of a keyboard completes this workstation while removing many of the niggling shortcomings.

Design features of the reMarkable Type Folio keyboard

You may worry that it’ll be fiddly to use. Well, worry not, as it is easy to connect to the reMarkable 2 using magnets. Accordingly, you do not need to connect to it or upgrade your device. What’s more, unlike other small format keyboards, this one requires no charging.

Once connected, you may use it like a traditional keyboard, or lay it flat on a surface. Either way, this makes the reMarkable 2 the perfect device for both handwritten and typed documents. Alongside this, the reMarkable Folio Type keyboard automatically detects when the keyboard is connected. Subsequently, it auto-rotates the screen and allows a seamless transition from written to typed notes.

Product details, pricing, and availability. 

  • The ReMarkable Type Folio keyboard is available to order now on for $199/€199. 
  • Customers who had an active Connect subscription on March 6, 2023, are eligible for a discount on the ReMarkable Type Folio keyboard. Log in to to redeem the offer.
  • It features keyboard layouts in six different languages: US English, UK English, German, Spanish, French, and Nordic (including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish).
  • It is available in artificial leather in two finishes: Ink Black and Sepia Brown.
  • Note-taking in the ReMarkable mobile and desktop apps requires a Connect subscription. By subscribing to Connect, users can also enjoy unlimited cloud storage and sync, exclusive subscriber offers in the web shop, and up to 3 years of extra device protection. A free 1-year Connect trial is included with a purchase of reMarkable 2 in the web shop, then costs $2.99/mo. Cancel anytime.

(More information on reMarkable can be found here!) 

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