NewsNews: Mental Health 2023

News: Mental Health 2023


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As the world becomes busier and more hectic, our personal needs fall by the wayside. Now, for some of us, this matters not. However, plenty of people are sensitive to these changes and a cold shoulder or overlooked achievement can impact them. Consequently, our mental health is taking a battering! Moreover, cost-cutting is impacting the help that is available and people become desperate.

Unfortunately, many of us have either been in this position or know someone that has been impacted by this problem. When this happens, our worlds are turned upside down, and screaming isn’t enough to find a resolution. Thankfully, though, the gaming industry is trying to address this taboo subject as more mainstream games discuss the subject. On top of this, the UK has some phenomenal charities to help people in need. Yet, these fantastic groups are stretched to their limits. 

One such team is Man Down in Cornwall. This charity focuses on men’s mental health and is something that I am passionate about. This enthusiasm has led to me running the 2023 London Marathon as my chosen charity. So long story short, I’m here to ask for your help and potentially a donation. I know gamers are a resilient bunch and the industry does a lot to represent the subject. However, minor moments in each of our lives could seriously impact our mental well-being. Accordingly, you never know when you’ll need a charity like Man Down

Leading games that discuss mental health.

There have been some amazing games that use the mental health taboo at their core. Fractured MindsHellblade, Night in the Woods, Depression Quest, and so forth. Each of these titles has a different approach and a unique aesthetic. Furthermore, they tell defining stories of suffering that have fleeting moments of success. Accordingly, each developer uses their creative licence to produce a captivating story that stays true to its principles.

Though these teams do a wonderful job at portraying the issues at hand, there was potential to cause offence. Subsequently, each game presents its ideas in a responsible way. However, there are some interesting mechanics and some standout visuals. Furthermore, the audio is usually haunting, eerie, and suitable for the theme. 

Whatever the genre, each of these titles is memorable and well-received. Moreover, the variety of gameplay enables a larger audience to experience each well-conceived game. As such, each publisher and developer has enjoyed vast success from their brave decision to tackle this unnecessarily taboo label. Yet, I’d still like more to be done to help those that are suffering. Thankfully, this is where Man Down and other charities come to the fore. 

Who is Man Down?

Man Down is a Cornwall-based non-profit Community Interest Company. We provide informal peer-support talking groups all over Cornwall for men with mental health concerns. Together, we can end the stigma and reduce the number of male suicides in Cornwall. You are not alone. Let’s keep talking about it! #mandowncornwall2022💙

How can you help?

You, like me, may know someone that is suffering from mental health concerns. Alternatively, you may sadly have unnecessarily lost a friend or family member. Whatever the circumstances, I’m sure you’ll feel as passionate as I do. Therefore, what can you do to help? You may wish to raise awareness of your local charities or fundraise for them. However, if this doesn’t take your fancy, why not help me to raise funds for Man Down? If this floats your boat, please click the link here to go to my fundraising profile. 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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