NewsNews: Flexispot Spring Sale

News: Flexispot Spring Sale


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Winter has nearly passed, and spring is just around the corner. Accordingly, manufacturers know that people will be cleaning their office spaces and looking for fresh equipment. As such, this can be an expensive time, as office furniture can be a costly investment. Thankfully, though, the team at Flexispot is hoping to alleviate some of that burden with their Flexispot Spring Sale.

During March 2023, Flexispot is running a massive up to 33% off marked price on most of their goods. This offer is available every Wednesday for the whole of March. As such, you can get huge savings on some of their market-leading chairs and standing desks. I’m not one for pushing sales, but we have been fortunate to review many of their products, and we absolutely love them.

What our reviews say about Flexispot.

Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair.

So the Flexispot Sit2GO 2-in-1 Fitness Chair is two things in one – it’s a chair and it’s an exercise bike (but without handlebars). The idea is that you can sit at a desk or a table (or anywhere else for that matter) and get some exercise in whilst you are doing work, reading a book, well basically doing whatever it is you would be doing if you were just sitting down.

Flexispot Standing Desk E8.

The desk is really comfortable to use, has a lot of space and is really easy to position however you want it. My only criticism, and that’s also a strong word, is that there are two round holes in the desktop for cables but there are no caps provided so there are just big holes there which slightly detract from how good the desktop actually looks. You can buy caps easily for a few pounds that match, but it would have been better to have included them in the box rather than having to source from a third party.

Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 Premium.

The desk has a smart cable management system that organizes cables. There is a large groove where you can tuck in the cables and wires within the frame for a tidy desk. Doing so will avoid any accidents like tripping or slipping that might occur from having a messy floor with loose cables. Plus, organised cables will help you to distinguish the correct wires of the gadgets that you have on your desk.

Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair BS1B.

The chair itself is also fully adjustable. You can raise and lower the seat, and you can also move the seat cushion in and out so you can find that perfect seating position. The chair back is made from breathable elastic, so it helps on those occasional hot days when you are having to sit all day! The seat cushion is padded and very comfortable. You can also move the arms to whatever position you need them in too!

Flexispot EHD2 Standing Desk.

I couldn’t help but love it from the moment it was set up. With a stylish look, excellent storage, smooth movement, and heavy and robust nature, it is an excellent desk. Yes, the setup is a little fiddly, but this matters not, once you are up and running.

Q8 8-in-1 Standing Desk.

Undoubtedly, I adore this desk. Not only is it robust and well-built, but it is great to look at as well. I cherish the environmentally friendly bamboo top and the stunningly simple metal finish. On top of this, the built-in charging point, the USB ports, and the excellent control unit make it easy to use. Furthermore, the small but effective draw and the cable management system are well considered. Subsequently, it ticks many boxes. 

Don’t miss the Flexispot Spring Sale.

If you are in the market for a new standing desk or office chair, then look no further than the Flexispot Spring Sale. With up to 33% off the marked price (every Wednesday in March 2023), this is an offer you can’t refuse. We adore their furniture and recommend them for your office space.

(More information on Flexispot can be found here!)

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