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Why Has Rainbow Six Siege Become So Popular All Over The World?


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In 2015, gaming company Ubisoft released one of its most successful video games, Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter that heavily emphasizes teamwork and strategy. The requirement for collaboration makes it incredibly rewarding when teams manage to work well together. However, there are more reasons why Rainbow Six Siege has become a top-rated game in 2023. In this article, we’ll check out some of the primary reasons Rainbow Six Siege received immense popularity!

Rainbow Six Siege Has A Very Unique And Tactical Approach

One of the primary reasons for Rainbow Six Siege’s success worldwide is that the game can be considered more tactical than other first-person shooter games. Many players play Rainbow Six Siege due to the communication, teamwork, and strategy required to win games. These requirements allow players to work together, and they find it incredibly rewarding when their teamwork pays off.

Unlike other first-person shooter games, Rainbow Six Siege starts every round with a preparation stage, where both Attackers and Defenders can plan their strategy. The Defenders will be able to place traps and gadgets alike on specific spots to strengthen their defense. Meanwhile, the Attackers can use drones to scout out what the Defenders are doing and plan an attack around the information gained.

The round begins like any other first-person shooter game when the preparation is over. However, an interesting mechanic in Rainbow Six Siege is that you can create new pathways and destroy structures to create positioning advantages over your opponents! These are inaccessible in other first-person shooter games, making Rainbow Six Siege super unique.

Incredible Esports Scene and Betting On Tournaments

Now that we’ve understood Rainbow Six Siege is a very tactical video game, it’s only natural for professional players and esports teams to take an interest in competing. Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015 and immediately attracted many players to take the game seriously at a competitive level.

In 2023, the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene is performing incredibly well. Massive esports organizations like G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Astralis, and FaZe Clan have world-class esports rosters competing in huge Rainbow Six tournaments. 

Rainbow Six holds the Six Invitational, their most prestigious annual tournament on which you can bet. The 2023 iteration of the tournament was hosted in February and featured a prize pool of $3,000,000! This tournament was massive for the Rainbow Six betting on Tips.GG, as many fans could place R6 bets on the matches. G2 Esports ended up victorious and took home $1,000,000 in prize money. Other than the Six Invitational, other major Rainbow Six tournaments are held throughout the year.

Rainbow Six Siege Supports Cross-play

Another brilliant move that Rainbow Six Siege made is the ability to support cross-platform play. Cross-platform play means players can play the game from different platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Stadia platforms! 

As a result, the Rainbow Six Siege community has become more inclusive and accessible for many players. Exposure to four different platforms allows Rainbow Six Siege to gather a broader audience base, which other first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike and Valorant can’t. Cross-platform play will also let friends play with each other despite having different preferences for their preferred gaming devices.

Allowing cross-platform play is highly beneficial for Rainbow Six Siege, as an increase in the player base will ensure matchmaking queue times won’t take too long. If players can find Rainbow Six matches within seconds, they’ll be able to fit more matches into their gaming sessions, which is what every gamer wants. 

Another cool thing is that players can link their accounts across the different platforms by using their Ubisoft account. Players can save the progress of different operators and cosmetics through all four platforms.

Frequent Updates And Gameplay Changes

The final reason for Rainbow Six Siege’s popularity is that Ubisoft, the game’s developers, still nurtures the game regularly. Ubisoft releases gameplay updates on a regular basis to ensure the game stays fresh and relevant. 

Ubisoft has been doing an excellent job releasing new characters into the game. These characters are called “operators”, Like MOBA games, each operator has unique abilities, roles, and play styles that distinguish them from other operators. By releasing new operators regularly, players can learn and master them instead of playing the same operators, which can get dull very quickly.

Not only is Ubisoft releasing new operators, but they are also publishing new maps. If you’re a fan of first-person shooter games, you know how important maps are to any game. Fortunately, Ubisoft constantly releases new exciting maps, which has helped keep Rainbow Six incredibly relevant. New maps pose new strategies and environments, keeping the player base entertained. However, shoving new maps to players can be overwhelming, so Ubisoft rotates old maps out when new ones arrive, so players can focus on a set amount of maps instead of having to focus on too many.


In conclusion, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has found incredible success over the eight years it has been released. Most first-person shooter fans consider it the most strategy-dependent FPS game, attracting many tactical fans to commit. With the game heavily relying on teamwork, it is always a treat to watch the best players compete against each other, which is why Rainbow Six Siege has a thriving esports scene. Ubisoft has also done a great job of allowing cross-platform play and releasing constant updates to keep the game relevant and popular. With recent Rainbow Six tournament successes, such as the Six Invitational 2023, we can expect Rainbow Six Siege to continue growing in the next few years.

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