ReviewsReview: Trust Bologna 16" laptop bag

Review: Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag


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Having the latest and greatest tech is all well and good. However, if you don’t protect it, your shiny new device quickly becomes damaged and less appealing. Consequently, if you have a laptop that is transported for work or pleasure, then you’ll need a fashionable and sturdy bag. This is where the Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag is a must. This slim item safely stores its contents while looking great in your hands or carried on your shoulder. 

Alongside this, it is environmentally friendly. Created from up to 11 recycled PET bottles, you know you are doing your bit for the environment. Moreover, the build quality is fantastic. Accordingly, you’ll have no concerns whenever you use this to transport a laptop, MacBook, or tablet.

What’s in the box of the Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag?

  • The bag is sealed in a clear plastic bag. The irony that an eco-friendly product was packaged in non-recyclable plastic wasn’t lost on me.
  • The cardboard label adds little to the product. If I worked at Trust, I’d probably remove this cardboard label altogether. 
  • The Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag is available to buy in 4 colours. Furthermore, with several zipped compartments, you can safely store your gear. The main area is sizeable and is lined with a soft microfiber material. 
  • A slim shoulder strap is provided to enhance your carrying options.

Build quality. 

Transporting tablets and laptops can be challenging. No one wants to damage their devices, but you need them whenever you work from home. Fortunately, though, the Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag is well padded. Subsequently, the contents are protected and the soft lining prevents scratches. Moreover, the secure zips are fastened to the material and appear robust and hard-wearing.

Alongside the main compartment is a smaller area to store your peripherals. Unfortunately, this isn’t lined with a microfiber material, but this is a minor complaint. Instead, this smaller area is perfect for your charger, mouse, or headphones. Unlike its peers, this bag uses zips to secure each area. This was a welcomed design choice, as it is reassuringly secure. 

The bag has two colour-coded rings to attach the shoulder strap. They are moderately sized, strong, and feel capable of carrying a reasonable weight. What’s more, they are securely fastened to the bag. Accordingly, I was confident that the contents would be safely transported. 

Is the Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag worth it?

Money, money, money! This word tarnishes our existence. However, Trust delivers amazing products without the hefty price tag. Consequently, their head-turning products are paired with a desirable price point. This excellent bag is available from many retailers for under £20! Subsequently, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck, especially when you consider the eco-friendly approach.

On top of this, you have a choice of colours. The compartments are secure and protected, and the Trust Bologna 16″ laptop bag looks professional. Moreover, there are 2 carrying methods and it can comfortably store most laptops. However, the irony of an unnecessary cardboard label and plastic packaging is an unnecessary shortcoming. Yet, all things considered, this is an exceptional product and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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