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Would another retro game make you happy or sad? I know it is a divisive subject, but I love a casual indie title that can be enjoyed between triple-A experiences. As such, the excellent team at 8-Bit Legit and Kunjee Studios has released Roniu’s Tale.

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch and NES cartridge, this old-school game reeks of nostalgia. What’s more, you’ll adore its simplicity, its garish colour palette, and the head-scratching puzzles. With 47 levels of puzzling fun, epic boss battles, and 4 magical skills to master, you’ll have plenty of weapons on hand and loads of stages to overcome.

What does Kunjee Studios say about Roniu’s Tale?

Step into the shoes of a hopeless wizard who tried to run away from his problems and found himself in a bigger mess. Accordingly, you’ll help Roniu to access his magic. Moreover, he’ll find his way through a deadly dungeon while killing a plague of enemies hellbent on keeping him there. Steady now, you’re no longer on stable ground!

Inspired by games like Solomon’s Key and Adventures of Lolo, Roniu’s Tale is a head-scratching top-down puzzler with action elements. Furthermore, each level is designed to have one or more paths but beware: each move Roniu takes will cause the tiles to crumble as he passes. Consequently, you’ll need to watch your step as danger lurks at every corner. What’s more, you’ll need to search for the orbs and keys to escape!

Play the game with the NES Online controllers for a real-retro experience that will zap you back into the heyday of cartridge gaming.


  • 47 levels of puzzling adventure action. 
  • Experience authentic retro gameplay. 
  • A Whirlwind of Enemies & Epic Bosses and Four Magical Skills to Take Them On. 
  • Check out 3 swappable gameplay borders on Nintendo Switch
  • Leaf through the original manual in-game during your attempt to escape the dungeon. 
  • Limbo, Lava, Jungle & Cross-dimensional Pixel-Immersive Mechanics. 
  • Intuitive & Precise Controls that work with the NES Online controllers
  • Developed by Kunjee Studio.
  • Published by 8-Bit Legit

If Roniu’s Tale takes your fancy, you can purchase a Nintendo Switch copy here, or the original NES cartridge here

(More information on 8-Bit Legit can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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