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4 World of Warcraft Facts You May Not Know About


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World of Warcraft is by far one of the most played and popular games of all time, an MMORPG that it is almost impossible to not have had any contact with over the years; even if you have never played it, you must have heard of it at some point or other. So why not go over a few interesting facts you might not have known yet and see what else you can learn?

All the Records Broken

World of Warcraft has broken record after record, holding the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers. With a peak of 12 million subscribers in October of 2010 and Blizzard’s final report of 5.5 million subscribers as of October 2015, it still remains the world’s most subscribed MMORPG, with hundreds and thousands of articles, guides, tips, and everything else that comes with such a popular online game. World of Warcraft is not going anywhere for a while yet. 

Wasted Loot

Prior to TBC, shamans were only available to the Horde, while Paladins were only available to the Alliance. The Burning Crusade Expansion changed everything, but during the transition period, Shaman loot began dropping for Alliance players and Paladin loot began dropping for Horde players before either class was playable by that faction, meaning this loot was completely useless and a waste. Getting currency was needlessly complicated as well, but now the process is simplified for you by the lovely folks at Coin Looting, making the whole process as simple, easy, and comfortable as can be. Players are often left to their own devices when it comes to things like this and have to find their own way of doing things, so a little help can go a long way.

Captain Placeholder

In the early beta version of the game, the boat system was not quite all there yet, with many boat paths not in place and glitches and bugs galore, so traveling was a bit of an issue. Captain Placeholder, an NPC who would teleport players from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine, was temporarily placed by Blizzard. The good captain became so popular and beloved by the player base that after he was replaced by Captain Noteo, players actually mourned his loss, and a lament was even created for him. While many thought he was lost forever, he reappeared in the Cataclysm expansion, renamed “Cap’n Placeholder.” He can still be found dancing on the Goblin Raceway.

Rarest Mount

Those who know about it believe that the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider is the rarest mount in the game, a one-of-a-kind. The story behind this mount is that an unfortunate Gnome player deleted his Mechanostrider, and upon asking a GM to replace it, he was erroneously given this mount instead, which means this mount is the only one in the world and cannot be obtained by any other player, which makes it the rarest mount in the game and our Gnome friend a very lucky little fella. 

World of Warcraft is indisputably one of the most played games of all time, having become almost an icon of pop culture and gaming, and although it has competition with things like Destiny 2 and League of Legends and the like, it clearly is not going anywhere for a long time yet. 

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