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Review: The Shrimp Model 1



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Many gaming peripherals pride themselves on being designed for elite gamers. Consequently, ordinary people may feel alienated and may be out of their depth. With many complex features, fantastic build quality, and obscene RGB lighting, these accessories blow your mind. As such, when The Shrimp Model 1 was announced, I took note. This simple stripped-back gaming kit is designed with casual gaming in mind. Furthermore, it comprises 25 buttons, some simple but effective controls, and that is all.

Accordingly, this minute device is a little unusual. What’s more, the oversized buttons and delightful wrist support make it stand out. Therefore, it wouldn’t look out of place if you have a quirky setup, or you like to stream. What’s also great, is the fantastic build quality. The hardened plastic is reassuringly tough, and the keys look robust. Moreover, the old-school aesthetics are pleasing, and the comic book imagery on the wrist support adds some nerdy vibes.

What’s in the box of The Shrimp Model 1?

  • The packaging is phenomenal. From the off, this device screams look at me! With a colourful outer sleeve and a sleek and stylish main box, it delivers a high-quality aesthetic. Alongside this, it is adorned with key selling points, and it’s fully recyclable.
  • The Shrimp Model 1 is absolutely nuts. This compact beast is approximately 75-80% smaller than a standard keyboard. Furthermore, it has controls for the RGB lights and audio settings. Disappointingly, there are no adjustable feet, so the keyboard lays flat permanently. However, I liked the retro aesthetic and the RGB effects are fantastic.
  • Comic book wrist support. This magnetic wrist support looks great. It enhances the old-school appeal and will get your nerdy juices flowing. Moreover, it makes the keyboard comfortable to use during extended gaming sessions.
  • A USB-C braided cable. This lengthy cable is well-built and looks great.
  • Keycap puller. Remove the keys with ease thanks to this basic tool.
  • Carry bag. Ensure that your keyboard stays safe in this branded velvet bag.
  • A simple user guide. Study the fundamentals to get the most out of this keyboard.

Technical aspects.

  • Ultracompact mechanical gaming keyboard
  • 25-key GLOBAL layout with super stunning “oversized” lettering
  • Gateron™ G Pro mechanical switches
  • Cherry™ profile (heights & shaping) keycaps
  • RGB illumination with a bunch of cool effects
  • Padded and textured magnetic wrist rest
  • Cool gadgety knobs
  • Multimedia controls
  • Fn-layer (dual function keys)
  • USB-C connector
  • Compatibility: Desktop PC and gaming laptops, PS4/PS5 (standard HID compliant USB device)

I know what you are thinking. You are questioning whether this keyboard is worthwhile. After all, what’s the use of a keyboard if you can’t use it to type? Well, you would be right, and in any other circumstance, I’d totally agree. However, this incredible device works perfectly for the job it is designed for. That job is to be a simple and straightforward gaming peripheral.

As such, the oversized buttons were a great design choice. What’s more, the use of Gateron™ G Pro switches to dampen that traditional mechanical sound was a wise design. Moreover, the Cherry profile for the keycaps ensures that the lower position is more responsive and feels more comfortable. Keeping with the button elements, the inclusion of dual-aspect functionality was a stroke of genius. Subsequently, the manufacturers have been able to incorporate many essential keys without jeopardising their design aspirations.

For example, the FN and ESC buttons mirror the enter key. While FN and 1 through 5 represent F1 to F5. This was a sensible approach, as many gamers require a vast choice of keys for their in-depth gaming experiences. Accordingly, they can’t complain about usability or functionality. On top of this, The Shrimp Model 1 incorporates media shortcuts at the touch of a button. You can adjust the audio levels, mute sound, or skip and pause tracks at will. This was great as you are in total control without having to alter your settings or play around with your PC.

A closer look at the media and RGB controls.


Technically, The Shrimp Model 1 is phenomenal. It is responsive, easy to use, looks great, and is built to last. But, what about its usability? How does this tiny keyboard compare to other market-leading devices? I’ve been able to look at the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max, the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini, and the SteelSeries Apex 9 TKL. As such, I have a good understanding of the keyboard market. Accordingly, this device is a little restrictive compared to its peers. Without the full range of keys, it takes some getting used to. However, once you accept its limitations, you experience a phenomenal device.

When you team this up with a mappable gaming mouse, such as the ROCCAT Kone XP Air, you get a winning combination. No longer do you need to worry about keyboard inputs as your mouse takes the load. Instead, you can enjoy the simplicity and the minimal nature of this accessory. Moreover, you can sit back and enjoy the insane light show from the RGB setup.

Is The Shrimp Model 1 worth it?

This is one hell of a niche product. However, those who buy it will absolutely love everything about it. From its quirky and dated style to its incredibly easy and functional usability, this is a top-notch accessory. Yes, it takes some getting used to, and it won’t be suitable for every occasion, but this matters not. Why? Well, most gamers already have a great keyboard, and The Shrimp Model 1 will simply be an awesome addition to your setup.

On top of this, its build quality is phenomenal, and its RGB lighting is enhanced thanks to the larger buttons. Furthermore, the excellent and striking magnetic wrist support ensures that it’s comfortable to use for extended gaming sessions. I understand that hardcore gamers may overlook this, but Nordic Game Supply has something up its sleeves to counteract this. As such, keep an eye on their website for some exciting product news. On the whole, The Shrimp Model 1 more than exceeded my expectations. Subsequently, I am happy to recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Nordic Game Supply can be found here!) 

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Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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