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Review: ROCCAT Vulcan II Max


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ROCCAT has a healthy history of creating some mind-blowing peripherals. Whether it is headphones, earbuds, gaming mice, or keyboards, they are all phenomenal. Moreover, they are renowned for their build quality, excellent RGB display, and great value for money. Today, I am looking at their latest keyboard, the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max.

This stunning and user-friendly device looks amazing, is wonderfully versatile, and is unbelievably responsive during every gaming session. On top of this, it has 5 user profiles, Easy-Shift+ for increased functionality, and its switches are compatible with many third-party keycaps. Furthermore, it has 24 dual-LED smart keys with programmable secondary functions. This feature is fantastic for MMO fans or those that like to create macros and other shortcuts.

Alongside all of these amazing elements is the incredibly vivid RGB light display. The keyboard is awash with colour from the moment you plug it in. Consequently, you are treated to an amazing-looking accessory that is bound to be a conversation starter. Moreover, the translucent wrist rest enhances the light display to create a one-of-a-kind peripheral.

The RGB lighting on the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max is incredible.
The RGB display is incredible.

What’s in the box of the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max?

  • The robust and striking packaging is great to look at. What’s more, it is adorned with key selling points and bright images. Inside, the contents are packaged nicely and the material can be easily recycled.
  • The ROCCAT Vulcan II Max is heavy, well-constructed, and pleasant to the eye. It has a built-in double USB-A braided cable, and there are multimedia shortcut buttons to change your settings on the fly. On top of this, the keyboard can be adjusted with its double kickstand.
  • Detachable wrist rest. This translucent accessory makes the device more comfortable for extended gaming sessions. Furthermore, it enhances the RGB display.
  • User guide. With plenty of features to experience, you may wish to use the helpful and straightforward user guide.

Technical aspects.

Form FactorFull Size
Cable1.8m 2 x USB-A
Switch lifecycleTested to 100 million clicks
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Profile On-board5
RGBRGB per-key illumination with 16.8m colours + smart keys
Keyboard RolloverFull Key (NKRO) with 100% Anti-Ghosting
Processor32-bit ARM Cortex M3
Adjustable heightYes, double kickstand

Though the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max looks great, this wasn’t my first concern. No, whenever I pick up a gaming keyboard, I want it to be responsive while also feeling great to use. Thankfully, this keyboard ticks both these boxes and much, much more. Thanks to the 1000 Hz Polling Rate, this device is unbelievably responsive when it truly matters. Whether I was playing an FPS, sports title, or simply typing an email, I couldn’t fault its performance. Furthermore, the Titan II optical switches are a game-changer. With the option of linear or tactile switches, you can choose from a smooth or slightly resistant experience.

Alongside this, its full-size form makes for a commanding and imposing accessory. The beefy keyboard has a fantastic aluminium top plate that gives it a great finish. What’s more, it helps to protect the device from wear and tear. Then, you must also consider the compatibility with third-party keycaps. Though this is minor, I liked the idea of swapping in some ceramic keycaps from Cerakey.

The ROCCAT Vulcan II Max allows you to swap the keycaps with many third-party keycaps.
The keycaps can be replaced with third-party ones.


Where the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max really excels is its functionality and light display. Thanks to the Easy-Shift+ button duplicator technology, you can easily map your keyboard to your liking. On top of this, you are treated to an additional 24 smart keys that each have further secondary functions. You may worry that this would get confusing, but thankfully, it doesn’t. With 5 user profiles to pick from, you can set up your macros and layout for each game without any compromise.

To help make this possible, ROCCAT has created its own programme called ROCCAT SWARM. This free-to-download tool isn’t as intuitive as I’d have liked, but once you get your head around it, it isn’t so bad after all. This handy programme allows you to play with every feature on offer and adjust anything accordingly. Subsequently, you can tinker with your keyboard and perfect your setup before you turn on any game.

Alongside this, the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max is compatible with your AIMO-enabled products. Consequently, you can sync this peripheral with every other device you have to create a visual masterpiece. Like the third-party keycaps, this may seem like a small deal. However, I loved this minor touch as it makes your setup pop. Accordingly, if you are a content creator or a streamer, this will add that wow factor and will impress your audience.

Is the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max worth it?

I have reviewed some amazing keyboards, and this one stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Not only does it look great, but it feels nice to use. Moreover, the keystrokes are rapid and responsive, and the build quality is phenomenal. Alongside this, its RGB display is the best I’ve ever witnessed. As such, if you want a gaming keyboard that will set you apart from your rivals, then look no further than the ROCCAT Vulcan II Max.

(More information on ROCCAT can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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