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News: Turmoil

Multiplayer update


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Turmoil, the tongue-in-cheek oil drilling game, has been much-loved since its release in 2016. Fans on the Steam platform adore its charming style and its silly take on the 19th century American oil rush. However, what it was missing was a multiplayer mode!

Gamious the publisher and developer of this fun game have decided enough is enough. Consequently, they have released a multiplayer update to appease their fanbase. As such, its monstrous following can now compete against one another to become the ultimate oil entrepreneur.

What features are in the latest Turmoil update?

Multiplayer mode features a completely new and more compact map, where instead of just playing NPCs, players will now be pitted against each other. Players will be able to join a random game against three other gamers or start a custom experience with friends. The same areas and technology progression as in the main game will be used. It’s also possible to start a game against just one other player, where the remaining open slots will be filled with NPCs.

What has the team said?

“Ever since the launch of Turmoil, players have been requesting a multiplayer mode. After releasing the DLC campaign ‘The Heat is On’, and porting the game to other platforms and mobile, we finally got around to making this. We’re thrilled to offer this free update to our players, if only because we can’t wait to take on the competition ourselves!” said Jos Bouman, Creative Director of Gamious.

Bouman continues: “The Turmoil franchise has been around for years, and it’s still going strong. The release of the multiplayer update will certainly not be the last. Work has already started on new content, and we’ll have exciting news to share about that next year!”

(If this news interests you, a link to Turmoil can be found here!

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