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Which Version of Macbeth A Student Studying Shakespeare Should Watch?


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Starting from 1590 to 1613, Shakespeare completed writing 37 plays. They are divided into comedies, histories, and tragedies. Reading the plays might seem complex due to the 16th-century language. Watching makes every detail clear and easy to understand. The story of Macbeth, the main protagonist in Shakespeare, is fascinating. He could not wait for the foretold prophesies to come true. There are over 10 Macbeth adaptations a student can watch. The oldest was released in 1948, and the latest in 2021.

The best adaptations of Macbeth to watch for students of Shakespeare 

Macbeth (2006) 

Macbeth (2006) takes the approach used when shooting Romeo and Juliet. It incorporates modern-day trends of love and tragedy. Regardless, the play preserves the original play’s dialogue verbatim. A student will seamlessly follow Macbeth as he rises through the ranks. Being a modern-day play, it does not lack nudity and violence.  f analyzing different adaptations feels overwhelming, remember that there are resources available to help you. For comprehensive insights and comparative analysis, you might consider getting assistance from professionals who can “write my term paper” on this subject. 

There is a difference between modern and older Macbeth adaptations. When studying Shakespeare, you should be keen on the version to watch. Watch the versions that depict true leadership and stay within the original story. Spare time to read high-quality “Macbeth” essay and examples on GradesFixer. The free essay samples will help you know which versions are best to watch. You will also get inspired to write attractive Macbeth essays. It improves your understanding of the story and how the characters are presented.  

The tragedy of Macbeth (2021) 

The film was released in December 2021 and has been streaming on Apple TV+. The film is based on the Macbeth play by Shakespeare. Denzel Washington offers strong leadership in the film. The stars are Frances McDormand and Washington. It features stunning cinematography and an attractive design.  

Macbeth (1971) 

Macbeth (1971) was directed by Roman Polanski. It retains the details in the original Shakespeare play. Its story is about a Scotland king who used murder and treachery to rule. In the film, Macbeth is full of pride, and his wife is possessed with a desire for power. 

Throne of Blood (1957) 

The movie features a war-hardened general controlled by an ambitious wife. They work together to fulfill a prophecy foretold by three witches. The original story defines a man full of ambition and power possession. The desire leads from one tragedy to the next.  

Maqbool (2003) 

Maqbool (2003) is a Bollywood film. It’s a tragedy set in India’s commercial capital. It features two police officers who tell fortune but are corrupt. It is adapted from the Shakespeare play. It is a good film for a student studying Shakespeare to watch. 

Review and comparison of Macbeth adaptations 

The Macbeth plays by Shakespeare have many adaptations. The earliest one was played in 1948, and the latest was released in 2021. All the adaptations are based on the same original play. There are many essay examples on the play available online. Macbeth is a power-hungry general and the main protagonist. Three witches revived his ambitions after prophesying he would rule. 

All Macbeth adaptations have one main thing in comparison. They are based on the historical play Macbeth by Shakespeare. Their main differences are the characters and time of release. Some were recorded in Japan, India, the US, and Scotland. There is a big difference in technology. The films released before 1980 have closely maintained the original setting. Adaptations after the year 2000 portray a higher level of modernization. 

The plays are still relevant in contemporary society and education. A student writing a research paper can watch the adaptations and get inspired. Polanski is known for specializing in criminal and horror genres. When he directed Macbeth (1971), it was not a surprise as it was full of bloody scenes. The Macbeth (2015) adaptation directed by Kurzel shows significant differences. 

Compared to Polanski, Kurzel altered the film sequences more. Their storylines also differ in many ways. There is a difference in setting between Macbeth (2010) and Macbeth (1920). The ideas in Macbeth of 2000 and beyond are set in a modern-day lifestyle. The trends of 1920 are entirely different. The depiction of witches in modern society is different.  

Which adaptation of Macbeth is closest to Shakespeare’s original work? 

There is a lot of modernism in recent Macbeth adaptations. However, there is a notable difference in adaptations older than 50 years. That was the time when modern film technology was in its infancy. A good example is the Macbeth (1971) adaptation. In the entire film, the basics of Macbeth’s story are not altered. 

Polanski stayed close to the original story and text. Macbeth 1978 is one of the earliest adaptations produced by Thames TV. It follows the original story closely, including the language of the 1600s. Macbeth (1948) is another adaptation that sticks to the original story. It leaves dialogues by Shakespeare intact.  


The Macbeth story by Shakespeare has more than ten adaptations. The older versions of adaptations have stayed close to the original story. This is different from modern adaptations, which display a lot of modern lifestyles. Macbeth 1978, Macbeth 1971, and Macbeth 1948 are some of the versions a student studying Shakespeare can watch. They have not altered the original play significantly.

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