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Review: Gamesir G7


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For some gamers, the traditional and official controllers are enough to appease them. However, for many players, these excellent but standard accessories simply won’t do. Sadly, they lack a competitive edge, and there are no programmable buttons. Accordingly, this is where the elite peripheral market shines. With some whacky designs, mountains of custom options, and excellent build quality, you’ll struggle to pick from the vast number of controllers on offer. Yet, this review of the Gamesir G7 should help clear things up.

This amazing wired controller gives you the build quality and competitive edge of its peers but at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, the wired approach ensures that latency is reduced and that battery power is no longer a concern. On top of this, it has interchangeable faceplates, an app to adjust the settings, and there are mappable buttons to the rear for that elite edge. Moreover, the build quality is fantastic and the tactile grips and ergonomic design ensure it is comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

The Gamesir G7 is a rapid and responsive gaming controller.
A rapid controller that is ideal for FPS.

What’s in the box of the Gamesir G7?

  • The simple but striking box highlights every key selling point. Furthermore, the contents are well-packaged and nicely presented. On top of this, every element can be recycled, and this was fantastic.
  • The Gamesir G7 controller looks similar to many controllers. To the rear, you’ll find two customisable buttons, and on the front, there is the addition of an M button for additional functionality. The pad has a comfortable weight and rubberised grips for comfort. Moreover, the triggers and bumpers have a textured finish, like the Microsoft official controller.
  • Spare faceplate. With the option of a magnetised black or white faceplate, you can customise the controller to your liking.
  • USB-C cable. A 10-foot braided cable enables you to play comfortably on both your Xbox and PC.
  • User guide. With customisable buttons and an app to download, you’ll need to read the guide to get the best from this controller.
  • 1-month Game Pass. A free 1-month subscription for new users.

Technical aspects.

Whenever I look at a new controller, it must be an improvement on the one I’m already using. Thankfully, the Gamesir G7 does that across every single aspect. Not only is it comfortable to use, but the mechanical triggers have a low and responsive actuation. Subsequently, a 0.6mm actuation distance gives you a competitive edge. On top of this, you can activate a hair trigger mode whenever you are playing FPS titles. This minor adjustment ensures that you are split seconds ahead of your opponents, and this gives you a winning edge.

On top of this, the Gamesir G7 comes with a polling rate of 265Hz and a low latency response time of <0.044s. Now, this may sound complicated, but it isn’t. Effectively, this controller will help you to dominate every game while delivering a buttery smooth experience. This is helped further by the market-leading precision-tuned tech. The Hall Effect reacts to the slightest movement compared to standard controllers. Consequently, you’ll get precise liner control during every gaming session.

The Gamesir Nexus App.

We know that the Gamesir G7 is responsive and feels great. However, what about its usability? Well, thanks to the free-to-download Gamesir Nexus App, you are in complete control. This excellent piece of software allows you to adjust every element of the controller on the fly. You can alter the mapping, the deadzone for the analogue sticks, the vibration and the trigger actuation points.

Now, you may worry that this is complicated, but it really isn’t. The simple-to-use app talks you through every step and your saved profile is transferred seamlessly to your controller. Furthermore, adjustments can be made when gaming with or without the use of the software. As such, you are in complete control of your settings.

The Gamesir Nexus app is easy to use.
An easy to use app.

Is the Gamesir G7 worth it?

With a vast selection of controllers on the market, you may wonder if this is worth your time and money. Well, for the price, you can’t get any better. Its nearest rival has to be PowerA, and though their controllers have a unique appearance, the Gamesir G7 has a better build quality and more features. Furthermore, I couldn’t fault the excellent app and the responsive buttons. Moreover, the comfortable textured grips and triggers give it a professional edge.

If I was to find fault, it would be that there isn’t a wireless option. However, third-party pads are rarely wireless, so I wasn’t too bothered. What’s more, the wired approach makes it versatile for both PC and console gaming. When I look at the pros and cons, the Gamesir G7 has many more positives than negatives. As such, if you are in the market for an inexpensive but feature-packed controller, I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Gamesir can be found here!)

The Gamesir G7 has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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