TechReview: PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller

Review: PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller


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Xbox gamers are spoilt by the vast selection of controllers on offer. However, no matter how many features they have, most look bland. PowerA bucks this trend with its affordable, stylish, and feature-packed accessories. I’ve recently looked at their Cuphead: Mugman and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands pads. Therefore, when the PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller arrived, I instantly loved its style.

This lightweight, striking, and robust controller certainly stands out from the crowd. What’s more, you know it’s going to be great to use, and as comfortable as a Microsoft official controller. What I also adore is PowerA’s fantastic customer service. Their responsive team takes all enquiries seriously and aims to help everyone the best they can. So, shall we cut to the chase and look at this in more detail?

The PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller looks fantastic.
Such a stylish looking controller.

What’s in the box of the PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller?

  • The packaging is sturdy, colourful, and amazing to look at. Furthermore, it has a unique magnetised flap that hides the contents. Once opened, there is some interesting information on the controller and some key selling points. However, I was disappointed by the plastic packaging. I wish PowerA would swap to an easier-to-recycle product.
  • The PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller. This lightweight but well-built pad takes influence from its game. With Ms Chalice emblazoned on the left-hand side, and some cartoon imagery stencilled elsewhere, it looks fantastic. Moreover, it has a useful audio wheel, a 3.5mm audio jack, and 2 mappable buttons.
  • Micro USB-B charging cable. This 10-foot rubberised cable is flexible and made to last. It is painted a greeny-blue colour and matches the controller.
  • User guide. A small but easy-to-read guide. It helps you understand the fundamentals of mapping the additional buttons.

Technical aspects.

CompatabilityXbox and Microsoft devices.
Bluetooth No
Audio3.5mm jack
Audio ccontrolsQuick response dial.
Mappable buttonsYes
WarrantyTwo-year limited.

The best controllers are those that are comfortable and easy to use. Luckily, the PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller ticks these boxes. Though it is lighter than the official pad, it still feels solid and hard-wearing. This is important whenever you are playing sports or FPS titles, as you don’t want it to break during a heavy session.

Alongside this, you want the pad to react to the action on the screen. Fortunately, the dual rumble motors does just that. With a strong vibration setting, you feel every shot, tumble, and explosion in every game you play. However, it wasn’t too powerful and PowerA has got the balance just right.

No one wants to stop gaming to adjust audio settings. Therefore, it was impressive that a quick-response dial was incorporated. This simple-to-use switch allows you to balance your audio with ease. What’s more, there is a one-touch mic mute option. Consequently, you can focus on the action and not on your settings. 

Finally, the well-placed mappable buttons are tactile and light to use. They sit on the back part of the shell directly in the middle. This was the perfect placement as your fingers naturally rested there. Each of the buttons can be mapped on the fly, and this keeps you ahead of the competition.

The perfect pad for Cuphead fans.

Is the PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller worth it?

Retailing at £34.99 or $39.99 it is great value for money. What’s more, a two-year limited warranty enhances this further still. On top of this, it can be used for Xbox and any Windows device. Subsequently, this makes it useful for gamers who play on multiple platforms.

What’s also great is the detachable cable. Now, this may seem a minor thing, but it is not. If this monstrous cable becomes damaged, you can simply buy a new one. This is fantastic, as it prevents you from having to buy a completely new unit. Alongside this, the familiar share button allows you to screenshot and record. This isn’t a new feature, but it is popular and useful when bragging to friends.

Like its counterparts, I loved the PowerA Xbox Series X/S Cuphead: Ms Chalice controller. It looks funky, is easy to use, and has mappable buttons. For these reasons, I recommend you to buy it here!


PowerA produces some amazing great value products. Moreover, their customer service is second to none. Consequently, you can rest assured that you have peace of mind and a quality accessory. I adored the look, build quality, and advanced features of this standout controller.

(More information on PowerA can be found here!

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