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Compliance Is Not Enough – General Data Protection


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When doing online activities, data protection is essential; that’s why the term GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) appears. GDPR aims to store, process, and process residents’ personal data from 28 countries.

In practice, the main function of the GDPR is to give consumers control over the personal data collected by a company. That way, their personal data can be kept private and not used by irresponsible people.

To understand more clearly what is meant by GDPR and what are its effects on data protection?

Understanding GDPR

It’s General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated as GDPR. More clearly, GDPR regulates online activities that protect consumer data.

GDPR  initially applied to European countries but now spread to many more regions worldwide. This GDPR includes strong requirements that will improve and harmonize data protection, security, and protection standards. 

There are several functions and objectives of the GDPR, one of which is to provide control to consumers over personal data collected by companies, such as:

  • User’s data
  • All data relating to internet use (even IP address)
  • Health and genetic data.
  • Biometric data.
  • Ethnic and racial data.
  • Political opinion
  • Sexual orientation

Please note that this GDPR applies to all companies with a lot of large consumer data, so you need to be careful when storing it.

What are the Specific Protections Regulated by the GDPR?

At a glance, GDPR includes a fairly strict policy because it must be responsible for and regulate various components, such as notification of attacks, the right to access data, the right to be deleted, data transfer, privacy, and the presence of data protection employees.

So that you know more clearly about the specific protections regulated by the GDPR, here is an explanation of the points of protection regulated by the GDPR, including:

Data breaches must be reported.

Data breaches must be reported in almost all situations, and people must be notified if their data is compromised, which is likely to result in a “high risk” to their rights and freedoms.

In case of a data breach, most companies usually have their own strategy to prevent the cybersecurity risks that may happen. But for personal use, you can use something to protect you from viruses and malware. In this case use malware removal tool to make your device free from ransomware. By removing the ransomware, the device experience may be smooth once again.

Special protection applies to sensitive information.

Usually, companies try to obtain sensitive data from users, including their personal info, political opinions, and even religious beliefs. And since the data obtained here is quite essential, companies always have to protect them, preventing any possible leaks.

Companies must seek someone’s consent before collecting or using people’s data.

In most situations, companies, governments, and other organizations must obtain genuine informed consent before collecting, using, or sharing someone’s personal data.

This consent request must be conveyed clearly and in a format that is easy to understand and uses clear and simple language. In other words, the consent request should be easy to find and understand.

Required to treat online identifiers and location data as personal data

This regulation means that information advertisers and websites use to track online activities, such as cookies, device identifiers, and internet protocol addresses, is entitled to the same level of protection as personal data.

In general, this kind of information can be very revealing about a person’s online activities and searches, especially when combined with other data held by the company.

The right to new data portability

People can download their personal data and transfer it to a competitor through the new data portability rights. For example, everyone should be able to retrieve their data from a social media network or financial institution in a format that allows them to switch services easily.

Why Compliance Is Not Enough

Keeping the company strict to regulation may make the managers and executives happy since there’s nothing that may lead to another fine. The company needs to face an even bigger problem, the effective strategy to market itself to customers.

Although the company is compliant, it won’t be successful if it doesn’t know how to sell its value. Try to achieve the best reach through an effective marketing strategy that involves using recent technology and making their brand relevant to the customers’ needs. 

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