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News: Once Upon a Jester


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Whenever Crunching Koalas announces a new game, I always take note. They have released some fantastic experiences that span many genres. The list is massive, but here are some you may recognise; Warsaw, This War of Mine, Project Warlock, Moonlighter, and Bonkies. I’ve had the pleasure of covering many of their games, so I can’t wait to get hold of Once Upon a Jester.

This colourful and amusing title captures everything you know and love about the theatre. With a zany plot, whacky characters, and a bizarre story, it is bound to make you laugh. You control Sok and Jester, a theatre-loving duo who move from town to town while performing their improv show. These two friends have differing opinions, and this drives a wedge between them. However, disaster strikes and the pair must put their differences aside. Accordingly, can they work together to save the day, or will the kingdom be doomed?

Once Upon a Jester is a tale of decisions and listening.

With 4 towns to visit and plenty of shows to perform, the charismatic duo must create a show to impress their audience. By exploring the town and talking to the locals, they will discover what makes the town tick. Consequently, this information must be used to create a crowd-pleasing experience.

With 5 genres to pick from and a range of crazy answers to choose from, your show will be as insane as the surrounding audience. However, if you get things right, you’ll receive the plaudits you deserve and the curse will be lifted.

Gamers will adore the unusual hand-drawn imagery and the accentuated heartwarming indie songs. Subsequently, the aesthetics match the theme of improvisation and silly shenanigans.

Once Upon a Jester has a planned release for PC and Nintendo Switch. You’ll see the game released near the end of 2022 for around £15. If you are interested in pre-ordering it, click the link here!

(More information on Crunching Koalas can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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