NewsNews: House Flipper 2

News: House Flipper 2


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EGX 2022 had some amazing booths and standout games. One that fascinated me was House Flipper 2 and their upcoming DLC. The original House Flipper was released over 4 years ago and was developed by a small team from Frozen District. Today, this group has expanded, and this gives them more scope to enhance their products and create more in-depth titles. Consequently, the franchise has improved vastly, and the levels of realism and eye for detail make for an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

House Flipper DLC

Many DLC packages have been released. Subsequently, a new addition to the base game isn’t a surprise. However, what shocked me was how much fun I had playing it. The Farm DLC incorporates many farming elements while retaining the original “Flipping” charm. During the demo, players are asked to clean a barn, remove rubbish, and clean the windows. Yet, there is a chance to operate a flamethrower, cut some grass, sow some crops, and get hands-on with animals. 

I cherished the moment I got to ride a horse and chuckled when I soaked some cows and burnt some chickens. Now, neither of these acts hurt the animals in question, but boy, oh boy, did it make my sides hurt. Accordingly, the additional content isn’t simply an extension of the original mechanics. No, instead, it wants to create a whole new experience that complements everything we know and love. If you fancy expanding your House Flipper experience, then more information regarding the Farm DLC can be found here

House Flipper 2 

A lot can change in 4 years, and House Flipper 2 demonstrates this perfectly. The much bigger, stronger, and hungrier team has put their hearts and soul into this new endeavour. Accordingly, fans of the original will see some massive improvements, a community-based approach, as well as a subliminal story that enhances the experience. Alongside this, some wonderful new mechanics improve your DIY tasks. 3 notable changes from the demo were the demolition method, painting technique, and rubbish collection. However, undoubtedly there will be more added in the coming months that’ll alter the gameplay further still. 

On top of this, there is a creative sandbox mode to enjoy as well as plenty of sub-areas and multiple houses to improve. The developers are keen to make this a laid-back and fun title that appeals to existing fans and new players alike. From what I saw, I believe they are on the right path. With more information to come, I can’t wait to see where the team takes it. 

If you fancy modernising your DIY experience, then why not look here for more details? 

House Flipper DLC and House Flipper 2 are out next year. 

I conclude with some sad news. Annoyingly, I like everyone else, will have to wait until 2023 to get my hands on a copy. Now, this may not seem too long away, but I can’t wait to get started. The one positive, though, is that it allows the team more time to add further content and polish the final product. 

Watch this space, as I’ll cover both the Farm DLC and House Flipper 2 as soon as I can. In the meantime, more information can be found on Frozen District and PlayWay S.A.

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Daniel Waite
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