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News: EGX 2022 round-up.


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After last year’s EGX, I had high hopes that EGX 2022 would smash its predecessor out of the park. Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint as the crowds were excited and the publishers and developers put on a great show. With live talks, panel discussions, competitions, UK firsts, and an incredible and eclectic blend of indie titles to play, I was spoiled for choice. However, there were a few stars in the show that I can’t help but write about. Now, I was happy to see Sonic Frontiers, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and the COD Modern Warfare 2 beta, but these weren’t standout performers. Instead, I admired 7 exhibits for a range of reasons. I adored Unknown Number: A First Person Talker, Hamster Playground, Peaky Blinders – The King’s Ransom VR, House Flipper 2, Goat Simulator 3, Potion Permit, and finally the Steam Deck. Therefore, without further ado, let’s start the EGX 2022 round-up.

EGX 2022 round-up.

Unknown Number: A First Person Talker.

It’s rare that I find a game with a unique and unusual core mechanic. However, Unknown Number: A First Person Talker has just that. Because of its innovative voice-controlled elements, you’ll experience a game like no other. The game’s narrative explores a range of phone calls that you must answer to progress. With a blend of puzzles, mini-games, and creepy undertones, it’ll make you feel uneasy and test your mind and patience. If you fancy trying something new and a little bizarre, then click here for more information!

Hamster Playground.

I don’t usually go for cute Tamagotchi-style games. Yet, Hamster Playground caught my eye. Its vivid colour palette, customisable pets, and upgradable cages will entertain and keep you busy. Furthermore, there are challenging mini-games to enjoy, races to complete, and the opportunity to compete in multiplayer action. This weird blend of Tamagotchi pet management and The Sims’ upgradable environments makes this a remarkably simple title that is strangely moreish. If you want a pet hamster, or 5, and don’t want the real-life stress, I suggest investigating the game here!

Peaky Blinders – The King’s Ransom VR.

Peaky Blinders – The King’s Ransom VR. This was one game I was thoroughly looking forward to. Being a Peaky Blinders fan, I couldn’t way to explore familiar locations while rubbing shoulders with some well-known characters. But what I couldn’t predict was how much it would blow my mind. Designed for use with an Oculus headset, this incredibly absorbing and all-consuming title is both exciting and immersive. What’s more, it is full of hidden Easter eggs; it has a semi-linear story to follow and has oodles of collectables. Moreover, you are free to explore each location as you wish. This was phenomenal, as the more you look, the finer the world appears.

Alongside this, the combat mechanics are fantastic, the controls are smooth and intuitive, and the story is “approved” by Steve Knight. Accordingly, it retains all of its dank charms and grimy undertones and also has wonderful audio. Set between series 4 and 5, it loosely links in with some key moments, but any prior knowledge isn’t necessary. This was great for newcomers to the series, or those gamers who consider themselves casual fans. As such, you’ll love unleashing a torrent of bullets as you destroy your foes, complete each task, and step one step closer to the truth. If this has sparked your interest, more information can be found here!

House Flipper 2.

Who doesn’t love a great simulation title? These amazing and ultra-realistic games are time-consuming, enjoyable, and a little addictive. Furthermore, House Flipper 2 retains some of the key mechanics from the first instalment with some much-needed and well-oiled new elements. With a new rubbish collection method, a more accurate painting system, and some interesting ways to destroy each property, it feels smoother and more user-friendly. On top of this, there is a subliminal story to enjoy, a varied and more rewarding contract system, and an architectural sandbox option. The latter is key, as it allows its player base to enjoy the game while getting their creative juices flowing. If you wish to make a quick buck and test your DIY skills, then look no further!

Goat Simulator 3.

If you’ve never heard of Goat Simulator, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But, if you have, you’ll know that it is a zany and whacky affair that makes you laugh while teasing you relentlessly. Well, now is the time to rejoice as Goat Simulator 3 has a release date! Due to hit next-gen consoles and PC via the Epic Store on November 17th 2022. This ridiculously crazy sequel will make your sides hurt as you tackle goat-related shenanigans and a range of tasty and clever jokes.

The developers have worked hard to retain much of the original charm, but they have also listened to their fanbase. With some massive improvements to graphics, a phenomenal soundscape, excellent controls, amazing custom options, a brilliant story comprising an interesting progression ark, and most importantly, up to 4 players multiplayer action, this is sure to grab your attention. Alongside this, you can now drive cars, grind rails, take part in multiplayer mini-games, explore 1.1 million square goatage of land, and much, much more. Consequently, if you enjoyed the first instalment, you won’t want to miss this. More information about the game can be found here!

Potion Permit.

What happens when you cross Harvest Moon with Stardew Valley? You get Potion Permit! This is PQube’s latest title that blends some heartfelt storytelling with interesting adventure mechanics. You control a young chemist who is called upon to save the mayor’s daughter. However, the rest of the townsfolk are wary of your arrival and you are given the cold shoulder. Accordingly, you must help each individual to build a relationship of trust.

With an array of colourful characters, interesting locations, and potions to brew, this game will keep you busy. Furthermore, there are some interesting puzzle mechanics that will keep you on your toes while adding a degree of difficulty. Fortunately, the developers are keen to keep their players interested, so you can improve your facilities and heal a never-ending list of patients. Subsequently, once the main story is over, you can play it casually to your heart’s content. If this seems like something you’d like, then take a look here!

Steam Deck.

Finally, I can end my EGX 2022 round-up with the phenomenal Steam Deck. This amazing piece of kit has been sold out repeatedly and is still hard to come by. Yet, if you can get your hands on one, you will be extremely happy. With an amazing build quality, crystal clear screen, and a comfortable weight to handle, this is an exceptional mobile gaming device. Moreover, it is compatible with a ridiculously large library of games, has an incredible battery life, and can be docked for a home gaming experience. My only complaint would be the low speaker volume, but this is a minor thing if you game with headphones. If you want to find out more, look no further!

That concludes my EGX 2022 round-up.

Now, my snippet of games reflects my gaming preferences, and there are plenty of other amazing titles to see. Over the coming days, I’m sure the hordes of people entering the Excel Centre will find their favourites, and the developers and publishers will finish the event with a newfound fan base. Many of the titles I’ve mentioned will be reviewed and investigated over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. If you come to London for the show, enjoy the madness, be kind to your fellow gamers and the exhibitors, and revel in a job well done by the team behind EGX.

(More information on EGX can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
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