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Review: Tinykin


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Imagine being the size of an ant in your own home. Everything around you is still the same size and it would probably take you hours or days to get from one part of the house or room to the next. That is exactly how it feels to be Milo in the game Tinykin.

Milo is a young and clever boy who loves to explore. So the game starts out with Milo’s aircraft crash-landed in a house on Earth, a long-lost world that hasn’t been explored for some time. The design and style of the house appear to be stuck in the year 1991, with no other human being around. Everything appears to be normal, except that Milo is the size of an ant and everything in this house is so much bigger than he is. Thankfully Milo will meet up with plenty of these new friends known as the Tinykins, each possessing their own special abilities that will help Milo and you as the player to get from one part of the world to the next while discovering and finding objects to repair the aircraft and lead Milo home safely.

How Was The Game

My first impression of the game was drawn to the character, Milo as his movements were normal, but one thing stood out as awkward. He doesn’t ever seem to face any other way but forward. No matter how much you rotate the cameras, all you see is his face and never his back. I started to get a little bit of a headache rotating the camera trying to see if he’ll ever face a different way, but I could never get him to look away.

Additionally, Milo does have his own unique power to float, in the form of a bubble. He can easily travel from one location to the next after a leap and holding down the same button again. Instead of a double jump, it’s a floating bubble you’re given to travel. I felt it to be a little frustrating when you are on some high location and accidentally missing the right time to hold the button down so that you’ll reach the other side of the edge. I had to go back a few times and restart the entire leap and bubble traveling to hopefully make it to the other side.

There is also no end or restart to the game if you end up falling from a high distance to the ground or getting hurt in any other way. It turns out that you’ll just blow up like a pink bubble and starts off where you left off before the incident. Therefore, there is plenty of chances to try and try again to make it down or even across other dangerous obstacles to get to the designated area you want to arrive too. I always find that a game that allows you to continue after failing so many times is one I prefer most of the time to play, giving you the player a better chance to succeed.

Now let me tell you about these cute Tinykins. When I first saw them, I must admit they are so adorable. They’re like these tiny cartoon-style round characters, each with their own abilities that are useful in this game. The first time meeting a new variety of Tinykin, there is an adorable short video of Milo and the new Tinykin uniting for the first time. It’s a bit hilarious when he meets the ones that explode and also cute with the others as well. I really enjoyed the little videos that played in the game and how it connects and corresponds perfectly with each new task coming up and requiring the new Tinykins to help you.

Furthermore, Milo is the only character you need to really worry about in the game. Unlike a game where the friends that you find and collect may get lost, not follow you if you go too fast or move a corner and they aren’t right behind you, or unluckily be destroyed by enemies or obstacles, well it isn’t the same for this game. Instead, you are able to move as fast as you’d like, sliding on a bar of soap or possibly just floating and climbing to a different location. No matter where you go, the little Tinykins will find their way to you instantly. At least that removes some unnecessary difficulty to the game and is another feature I really love.

One last thing, if they ever came out with or made a cute Funko or collectible stuffed Tinykin toys, I’d really love to own some! They are silly, cute, and adorable. I honestly can see it on shelves now, even Milo himself.

During the actual gameplay, it actually becomes obvious that you must collect a certain amount of Tinykins to perform different tasks. Many of the tasks required in the game need a total of one type of Tinykin to blow up, lift, move or do anything else in this game. Since they are strong and together work as a team to help you move forward in the game, It is really required for Milo to be moved throughout each location and explore every place to collect as much of the Tinykins as possible.

I feel as if the game was perfectly created to be played as if you must collect and check out everything in the level without missing a single thing. Cause without getting a certain amount of Tinykin or completing a certain area that has been created in the game, you’ll never be able to move forward. So each level of the game seems to be created just right so that you must check every location out and even grab some hidden items from one portion to the next.

The main goal will be explained clearly after the first item is grabbed in the beginning. You’ll be repairing your aircraft, not a normal-looking aircraft, but one created with objects of all types to help Milo travel back home. So as we explore each room in this large house filled with 90s memorabilia, you’ll notice certain objects that the Tinykins will help bring with you as you complete that level. Each and every location will have a new item needed to help repair the ship to take you safely home. Plus, the many new friends you’ll meet, like some colorful and cartoon-styled bugs.

I think, for the most part, the game plays quite well, but there were a few issues I’ve encountered that might be great if they could be changed or fixed. The loading was never an issue, the graphics were perfectly fine and so was the background music. Even if you don’t read the text, it’s clear enough you’ll still know what to do as each location is very explanatory about what needs to be done and what you can do with certain controller buttons.

The only issues that really felt frustrating started off with the bubble floating ability. Once you leap, you must hit the button again and hold. if you don’t do it fast enough, you’ll float too low and not make it to the opposite side easily. The second issue is that there are a few parts in the game that felt a bit hard to tell if the object is something you should be aiming at or checking out.

Another is that most of the items needed to be used with the Tinykins are glowing in some way. There are, however, a few reflective objects that look like something might be required to access or use, but that isn’t always the case. I would have them a bit dull or matte verse too shiny to not give off that effect. The last thing that stood out to me is that there is no real way to select between the different Tinykins. They tend to just have to go through shooting each until you get the ones you need and it realizes it’s what is needed to move or do something to the object you’ll be tossing them at.

Otherwise, everything else is great about this game. It’s a true platformer that provides plenty of action and fun without being too difficult or lacking a clear or easily seen screen from all angles. The levels are spacious with plenty to explore and collect and the characters are not devious or scary, but cute and friendly as well. It’s a bit of a puzzle planning an adventure platformer in one!

Final Verdict

The game Tinykin brings players a joyful and fun adventure, where one must solve and discover ways to find your way through each spacious location. There are so many things to see and solve for friends that are just as small as Milo the character you’ll be playing as. It’s a bright and joyful game, without monsters attacking, but with plenty of puzzle-solving planning to get you from one location to the next. It’s a very fun game that will keep you entertained for hours and provides plenty to do in each new location you visit.


+ Cute Cartoon Style Graphics
+ Easy To Control and Adjustable Settings
+ Fun and Enjoyable Levels

- (Sometimes Occurs)Not Able to Choose the Tinykin Required for a Task
- Some Objects Shine Similar to the Ones You Need to Utilize

(Reviewed on the Xbox One)
Extra Game Details:
Title: Tinykin
Developer: Splashteam
Publisher: tinyBuild
Official Site: TinykinGame.Com
Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch
Release Date: August 30th, 2022
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+ Cute Cartoon Style Graphics<br> + Easy To Control and Adjustable Settings<br> + Fun and Enjoyable Levels<br><br> - (Sometimes Occurs)Not Able to Choose the Tinykin Required for a Task<br> - Some Objects Shine Similar to the Ones You Need to Utilize<br><br> (Reviewed on the Xbox One)<br> Extra Game Details:<br> Title: Tinykin<br> Developer: Splashteam<br> Publisher: tinyBuild<br> Official Site: TinykinGame.Com<br> Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch<br> Release Date: August 30th, 2022 <br>Review: Tinykin