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Review: Long Live the Queen


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Have you always imagined what it would be like to be a Princess, or even better, just to be Queen? I know that being a part of royalty might look awesome in movies or TV shows, but it really is very difficult and not only does the King have an important role, but so does the Queen or even if it’s the Queen to be!

Long Live the Queen is a game that puts you in the seat of a Queen-to-be, working towards being a leader of the kingdom. It’ll have you working on many different assignments and allowing you to make decisions, which will move the narrative portion of the game on. All of which will determine the outcome of the game’s results. Also the many different classes, you’ll attend will help you train, learn, practice, and build those skills you need to know so you’re prepared for the life of being a Queen. However, don’t be fooled, the game isn’t all that easy and there are many different results as you are the guide to your own destiny. So as long as you take each week ahead seriously, you’ll have no problem becoming a strong and committed leader.

πŸ‘‘ How Was The Game πŸ‘‘

I was very entertained by the idea of being a Queen or at least learning to become one. The game is very easy after you know how to set up the classes you want to take in the morning and evening. It’s odd that it’s not done day by day, the schedule is made out to be for a full week. Thus, you just learn by deciding each class you’d like to take during the day, from morning to evening for that week. Each one will raise your skill level a bit higher and you will be tested.

When I meant tested, well you will use the knowledge you’ve learned that week and weeks before to decide upon how well you will pass or fail during each conversational portion of the game. Once again, the game allows you to decide, and choosing correctly is a big important part. There will be a few chances to do a few things in the castle, which will also increase one’s mood or reduce it. Just depends on what you decide on checking out before the next week begins.

Also, you can keep changing the classes so it’s not something you are stuck with after a week is up. That will only help improve your skills and make you more knowledgeable. I also want to mention that I do like that you can speed things up in this game, sometimes it is a blessing. However, when it ends up you need to know what to respond to or decide on what happens next, it will be difficult. For example, if something bad occurred and you skipped the conversation. It might end up difficult to decide what to do as it may end up being the wrong choice or you might be lucky to choose correctly.

Additionally, the game is very much a click-and-go with every choice you decide. It’s not too much about real fighting or action that you have to do yourself. It’s just a click and continues through the story-style game. So it can become a bit boring, not a game I’m a huge fan of, but if I want to talk about how well it was designed, well it’s not bad. Everything works great in the order and manner it should. Nothing stalls or freezes and the graphics are perfect as well as the endearing music that plays in the background. I just wish there was a bit more to the game and it wasn’t just about a story you choose what goes on next.

πŸ‘‘ Final Thought πŸ‘‘

Long Live the Queen has so many skills you need to achieve to be your best. Plenty of skills which you will be required to focus on and gain experience. The better you do, the better the ending of the game results will become, as you will be an awesome leader and a great Queen. However, it does get difficult with some challenging tasks required. So if you think this game is just about dressing the part and using excellent etiquette when possible, it is not!

Thus, I can only say this is a great game idea, and the design is nice, but also can be a bit tricky too and slightly boring after a while. A few issues I’ve had are to do with the fast-forward ability being triggered seems to be stalling quite a lot. I also think the selection of classes could probably have been setup and done a little better. So the game is partially great and has a few flaws that could be great with an update or a little bug fix. However, if I think past those few things, it’s an interesting game and a tricky one too! Each time playing this game, everything can change by how you choose and decide on different choices, so be careful there is a chance of having full success each time or having everything come to a horrible end!


+ Excellent Artistic Graphcis
+ Game Play Changes by the Actions of the Player
+ Challenging Gameplay
+ Elegant Background Music

- A Little Dull
- Fast-forward Button Stalls Often
- Mostly Narrative Gameplay and Fast to Play

(Reviewed on the Xbos One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Long Live the Queen+ Excellent Artistic Graphcis<br> + Game Play Changes by the Actions of the Player<br> + Challenging Gameplay<br> + Elegant Background Music<br><br> - A Little Dull<br> - Fast-forward Button Stalls Often<br> - Mostly Narrative Gameplay and Fast to Play<br><br> (Reviewed on the Xbos One)