TechReview: Turtle Beach React-R controller

Review: Turtle Beach React-R controller


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Gaming controllers are incredible these days. They are robust, well-built, and look amazing. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule. Therefore, you want to be sure you are looking at a quality product before investing. Turtle Beach is an industry-recognised brand. Consequently, when they release any peripherals, you are confident that they’ll be good. The Turtle Beach React-R controller is their latest product that pushes the boundaries without breaking the bank.

This Xbox and Microsoft-specific accessory looks great, feels wonderful, and is packed with special features. Subsequently, it is amazing value for money while enhancing your gaming experience. There are mappable buttons, tactile textured grips, audio controls, and a massive USB-C cable to power it. In short, it’s an excellent upmarket controller at a fraction of the cost.

The Turtle Beach React-R controller has easy to use buttons.
Switch on the Superhuman hearing function and stay ahead of the competition.

What’s in the box of the Turtle Beach React-R controller?

  • This accessory is packaged in a small but robust box. It has a familiar Xbox colour palette and highlights the key selling points. Furthermore, every part can be recycled, and this is a massive positive.
  • The Turtle Beach React-R controller looks similar to the official Microsoft products. However, it is lighter and has a cluster of additional buttons. Above the Xbox symbol, you’ll see a “Superhuman” hearing option, a mute button, and an audio toggle switch. Further to this, the d-pad can increase and decrease game and chat volume. To the rear, there are two mappable buttons. Finally, there is a 3.5mm audio jack port as well.
  • The USB-C cable. This 3-metre-long cable is rubberised and built to last.
  • Quick start guide. Learn the fundamentals immediately with this basic manual. 

Technical aspects.

When I look for a new controller, I want it to feel comfortable, and to have great build quality. Luckily, the Turtle Beach React-R controller ticks both of these boxes. Because of its ergonomic tactile grips, and well-placed additional buttons, everything feels right. What’s more, the plastic shell is sturdy, lightweight, and built to last. This accessory comes in a range of colours, and I received the white and lilac variety. However, a plain black option is also available.

Whenever a controller has custom settings, they need to be easy to use. Fortunately, in this case, they are extremely straightforward. By double tapping the centre audio button, you can map the additional triggers on the fly. Alongside this, the centre button can also be used to increase the game volume or balance voice comms. This was a phenomenal idea, as changing your settings so easily is almost unheard of.

Alongside this, you can utilise Turtle Beach’s Superhuman hearing setting. At the push of a button, your audio is enhanced. You’ll hear footsteps, bullets flying through the air, and the quietest of noises. Moreover, if you need some privacy, you can mute your mic in no time at all.

The Turtle Beach React-R controller is comfortable and well designed.
Comfortable and well-placed ergonomic grips.

Is the Turtle Beach React-R controller worth it?

It’s nice to have all the elite additional functions. But, let’s be honest, all we want is a sturdy pad that is reactive and feels great. The Turtle Beach React-R controller analogue sticks have a useful movement range, feel sturdy, and react as expected. Furthermore, the additional buttons are comfortable to use and easy to alter.

On top of this, the audio functionality is excellent. It’s a game-changer to be able to alter settings on the fly, and Turtle Beach has this covered. What’s more, the Superhuman hearing is incredible. Accordingly, I loved how much this improves your gaming experience. Consequently, once you’ve boosted your sound, you won’t want to go back. All things considered, this is an amazing accessory that is inexpensive. It is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here!


Turtle Beach has yet again proved to be an incredible player in the gaming industry. Though this wired option may not be for everyone, I loved everything about it. Accordingly, if you want an inexpensive but upmarket accessory, then look no further.

(More information on Turtle Beach can be found here!) 

The Turtle Beach React-R controller has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech gold award.
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