GamingReview: Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

Review: Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium


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Nostalgia is the best, especially when you can get to take what you once loved and have it played on a newer console, with better visuals. Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is exactly that, tons of classics with brilliant graphics! You won’t ever need to miss those classic arcade games that you once played when they are all in just this one game download. It’s totally worth it if you have always enjoyed Street Fighter, Mega Man, Savage Bees, The Speed Rumbler, and so many others.

There is nothing but joy with arcade games, especially when you enter this game and see realistic 3D arcade cabinets that you can step right on up to and begin playing. Here’s one bonus, no money or quarters are required to play these games. Instead, it is some form of using credits to play the games. It’s a bit like quarters, they will appear like you are inserting money into the machine, but you aren’t limited and the amount is infinite. So one download of this game allows you to take on any of the games in this one download, full of varieties of the best games possible, classic games. Also, when I mean the best games, I’m talking about 32 classic games in one. So there will be plenty of games that will become your favorites, even if you haven’t tried any of them in the past or it’s your first time playing all of these classic 1980-1990s games.

There are some additional ways to play, Co-Op and VS Modes and even Tag Team Mode. They all make the games even more enjoyable and with Co-Op and VS Mode it can be chosen by adding a credit for each player. Tag Team is a bit different. You will be able to play with one player and with another. The game will detect the controllers in play and allow it to recognize how many are playing this game. So why not make all these games even better with the challenge of playing with other friends and family! As well as going online if you like to connect to the network right before anything starts, is also an option.

Lastly, I would love to mention that you will even get to notice the many new changes and additions in the games. Just playing the classic game and seeing the newer, second release or a special version of the game will show a big change between the many others. Nevertheless, each game is worthy of trying and having in anyone’s collection. Especially when you can try it on a newer console and have them all there on one game. So do you love to collect old games, have a new console, and want to try them out with better graphics, then you should try Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium.

How Were The Games

There are so many games, 32 to go over, and let me say they all have their own special and original features that make them entertaining. For being on the Xbox One console, which I reviewed it on and in single-player mode, as there are other options to play with other players, I can tell you that the quality of the graphics is nicely improved, but similar gameplay as if it was just released in that specific time period. You also can go forward and backward in the game, a special edition with the controller back buttons. Something that can help you if you want to replay a move and do it better or just continue ahead.

Either way you play and all the other bonus access accounts you are able to access, each game is still in one quick answer, fun and entertaining in their own unique and classic style ways. Also, Capcom has always been an exciting creator of games that you fight and play through in a style of adventure-platformer games. So to break my reviews down to each game, this is exactly what I felt after playing a few for the first time and again a long time ago.

By the way, a few will be mentioned to be played with others or only a single-player game. I also will want to mention some are only in the JP(Japanese) version and can’t be played in EN(English). However, they play great in either form. It’s not much what you know it’s more about just the joy of the game that really matters. So let the gaming begin!

  • 1943 Kai – Midway Kaisen (1-2P Co-Op JP)

This is an interesting game, with the ability to rewind. I love that about many games, which allows you a second, third, or even tenth chance to rewind and restart that leap, that move, or anything you’d like to do better. Making a mistake is nothing now that you can just use the rewind button and have a perfect play the first time. Everything is nicely explained too, so no confusion while playing the game. especially when it’s told to you clearly in the beginning.

This game is mainly about moving a plane, like a flying game where you try to shoot down other aircraft that are attacking you. So be on the lookout for many different sizes, colors, and designs ready to take you down. It isn’t as easy to play, you will crash or get hit numerous amount of times. Sometimes, you may even forget the rewind button, I know I did. However, it’s still enjoyable, playing it as it’s on a real arcade cabinet-sized screen and the design of the entire outer portion, away from the game. Plus, the second player is always invited to join in whenever they feel during the game.

So in short, it’s actually a nice game, just a bit tricky. The game looks and feels like a classic flying and shooting game, with simple 2D graphics that are very bright and clear, which I do enjoy. This includes the music that plays in the background and the use of remote control. There is one other feature with this game, an additional special challenge option and it can make the game a little difficult. Still allows you many similar features as the regular game, but it is more based on the difficulty levels, speed changes, and even a few other ways to change the game up. Also, this can only be played as a single-player game. So I’d like to say that it’s just a perfect classic game, and I have nothing negative to say about it, just keep practicing and try to remember to rewind if you want to avoid defeat so often or if you want to fix mistakes.

  • A.K.A. BLOCK BLOCK (1-2P Co-Op JP/EN)

If you ever played a game like Pong from Atari or something similar that requires you to move a rectangular-shaped line from right to left to hit a ball off and hit blocks on top, well this is similar to that type of game. It’s all about aiming and hitting the ball right back at each brick or what they call blocks. The more you hit the more you earn and even surprise items come falling from the blocks. It’s very easy to play and very colorful.

The speed does pick up, requiring your eyes and brain to focus. As the game requires you to play with the right timing to get those special items and catch the ball before you lose each one in the game. It does get tricky, but the whole fun part is the challenge of the game and it also comes in a variety of ways to play. A special challenge mode is here too with three choices and makes the game a bit more difficult or for others entertaining. Also, add in another player and enjoy gaming together. It’s a fun, simple, and classic arcade game to bounce a ball at blocks and earn rewards.


This is a game that has a few special challenge modes, up to 4 and even the difficulty can be harder than the rest of the two I reviewed above. This game is actually quite fun, not just battling, but you move through an adventure-style designed world, where you fight the enemies as they come up to you. There are three choices of characters, which you must decide upon in a short amount of time. Of course, 2 other players may enter the game, which is also fun and all three can help each other as you defeat these evil magical warriors and foes.

There are not as many sound effects, except for the swishing sound of the character’s weapon and the defeat of the other enemies as they fade away. The game is simple enough and very easy to play. There are some secret large objects hidden behind barrels and other things that can be attacked. They will reveal some more collectible items to aid in your score and health.

The game in some way reminds me of a historical-style world, Renaissance, or some past era where fights from either kingdom would occur. There are large bosses to defeat like knights and many more types, which will include a larger bar and time to defeat them. I do like the ability to move freely as the hero in the game. The weapons are large and do take a great hit on each foe.

I’ve been playing the normal difficulty and found it to be just my right speed. However, it still does get harder with one player and many ganging up on you at a time. However, they slightly move slow and with special abilities that can take them down quicker, which helps a lot too! Therefore, it’s definitely able to be even more challenging and still a fun adventure and battle game to play.

  • A.K.A. MAGIC SWORD (1-2P Co-Op JP/EN)

Here is another game with special modes and other challenging options to choose from. The level of difficulty isn’t as high as the last one, but it still gives you that additional choice. I think what I like most about this is that it reminds me of the last game, an adventure battle-style game as you go. The foes are a bit quicker moving and you do get to choose a floor you want to play. It’s a bit different, but I do like the fast-paced style and background graphics. It doesn’t allow you to choose a character of choice, but it doesn’t make the game a bad one! Unless you decide to play the second player and be who that character will be.

I only tried each game mainly in the single-player mode, so that is why I’m only able to give you the details on how the one-player version will proceed. Again, the battles do seem to go quicker, one slash, and they are practically defeated. However, the larger the foe the longer it takes. Nothing too tricky about this game, just faster-paced than A.K.A Knights of the Round, and the rewind ability is always there allowing you to rewind when necessary.

Additionally, I feel it’s a bit more nicely done, with plenty of keys to collect and large coins gained when you defeat enemies. It’s also fun to have the ability to use the hero’s magic from the sword, and the many special abilities to defeat from a distance, with just one swing and slash. It’s a bit more entertaining and interesting.


This has more challenging difficulty levels in this game and you are allowed to choose up to 3 players to play. There are so many options of characters to choose from. I chose the wizard for the first time. However, there are others that may interest you, a total of 5 characters to choose from. Each is strong and provides as much change in what energy and power they include. So what you do is really up to the player, and how they play the game.

Plus the more players, the easier it gets to move forward. Also as a single player, this isn’t too bad, it’s easy to use the power you behold as the hero you’ve chosen. The normal gameplay feels a bit slower, so it’s not too hard to go through and defeat the foes as they don’t attack as fast quickly.

Honestly, it’s a very fun and interesting game. I love the choice of characters to play and choose from. However, for the normal version, it’s the perfect way to get to fight and move on through this adventure-style game and not struggle if you are playing for the first time or a beginner to any type of game like this.

  • A.K.A. VAMPIRE SAVIOR – The Lord Of Vampire (1-2P VS JP/EN)

Here is a great game that is all about fighting each other! You get to choose your character and of course, battle it out with a friend or just the computer. It’s a great game that has some creative-looking demons to choose from. Even the cute and small all hold some nifty powers that will put the opponent in their place!

The special options for this game are just how fast you’d like the game to go and complete it based on the time it takes you to clear it. This game is very much a straightforward, fighting game. It’s not much different from the modes, but it does have a few as mentioned above. I do like this classic fighting game, and Q-Bee is one of my faves to play, especially in turbo to make things move a bit quicker. However, it isn’t too hard to defeat the opponent, it does get tricky down the line, but the only issue is that you may also have a little problem with performing some special attacks. It’s not all so easy. Plus, if you hit the rewind button by accident, it may not look good if you were doing great to repeat something you were almost winning.

Otherwise, this game is really great. I am so grateful they’ve added it to this collection of arcade games. It was one of the best games I did likes by Capcom and one of the fun fighting games where you can play as a demon-style character and use all those nifty attacks.

  • BLACK TIGER (1-2P Tag Team JP/EN)

This must be the most exciting adventure classic game I’ve played for the first time! I love the weapon choice for the hero. It’s like using one button to activate two different weapons at the same time. Throwing weapons and using an ax with this long length will prevent damage from anything coming near you. It’s very easy to play and the buttons on the controller from moving, jumping, weapon usage, and even ducking down are quite easy. There is even plenty of items to collect.

A lot of adventure to go through in this game, a very magical castle-style game in graphics with the gear of a warrior and enemies that are of all types. It’s very interesting and so fun, for an old game it’s one I’ve never tried before, but with what you can do, I love it! Plus, the special additions can make the game difficult, and there are a few more changes to adjust how the game plays. It really is a great adventure fighting game, reminds me of Castlevania for SNES. It’s not so fighting and moving on, it’s more just moving and fighting as you go and unlocking some collectible items without defeating everything if you don’t want to.

  • Capcom Sports Club (1-2P VS JP/EN)

This is a three-in-one game. You have Kick Stars, Dunk Stars, and Smash Stars, each relating to a different sport. The first one mentioned is soccer, the second is basketball, and the last option to choose is tennis. Each is played similarly, choice of a single or two-player game and deciding the nationality of the team. Then it’s very simple controller buttons to kick, hit or dunk the ball. You practically just use a few buttons and don’t need to worry about much but moving and aiming to score! Very easy game not many special differences in this one, but is very nice and very easy to play!

  • DARKSTALKERS – The Night Warriors (1-2P VS JP/EN)

Another game that is very straightforward, fighting game with not so many additional special challenge modes to adjust the game, However, you can enjoy a few additional modes once they are available to you to play. The game is a simple fighting game with a variety of character monsters to choose from. Each has its own special abilities and can be done with a few button combinations to cause a nice attack on the opponent. I love that there are tons of monsters to choose from and even the best is that it’s not too difficult, but is like a true arcade fighting game with monsters. Who doesn’t love being a monster or anthropomorphize character verse a simple human hero sometimes?


If you love to fly aircraft and shoot down other foes, this is the game for you! It’s all about attacking from the sky and moving from the right side to the left; horizontal gameplay. All different bottom foes and flying objects to destroy with different shooting abilities. The longer you hold the shooting button, the more powerful the blast becomes. It’s a great game and very easy to play, plus requires you to keep an eye on everything on the screen and move in the right location to get a perfect attack, every time! Also, plenty of coins to collect and nice outdoors graphics with a few special challenge modes to make it a bit difficult and yes, challenging! Honestly, an excellent aircraft battle-style game.

  • Gun Smoke (1-2P Tag Team JP/EN)

Here is a vertical played game, where you are trying to get the villain; most wanted, the enemy on the poster. The reward is posted for taking him down, and your goal is mainly to set out like the hero deputy and defeat all the bad guys with your guns in each hand. It’s a simple vertical-played game, but it isn’t slow, plays at a great speed, and the graphics give you that cowboy western style game feel. It’s also very easy to play and another entertaining game. Simple enough to play with easy buttons to trigger shooting and move in either direction, getting you closer to the next enemy heading your way.

  • Hissatsu Buraiken (1-2P Co-Op JP)

It’s a bit spooky from the start, it just may be me, but for a Japanese game it’s a bit darker in this game and the characters feel like they move a bit slower than I like. It’s hard to knock out so many when you are one person and there are about 3 or more enemies heading your way to attack you. I wouldn’t find this to be the best of the games. Might take me some time to get through the game, but it does have some challenges as well, not so many that you can adjust.

However, the game is already still very difficult at the start. Not a bad game, just a bit more difficult than many in this collection. Plus, you’re moving more vertical; upwards verse side to side. Also, the graphics still are good, and so are the kicks and punches you can give without weapons. However, it is just hard in its normal version of the game, so imagine what a special challenge mode would do? I will need to work on this one to get a hang of beating the enemies; foes to move on to the next location.


Another game is flying in space, shooting down enemies from left to right, with a powerful gun to begin with. There are plenty to collect and ways to adjust the difficulty level to be a bit harder than it already is. This is a great fast pace to this game. A perfect game if you love to shoot and continue to shoot nonstop. It’s all about defeating fast before you get harmed by all the enemies that arrive as the screen moves forward. It’s a very nice game, the graphics are great and very entertaining.

  • HYPER STREET FIGHTER II – The Anniversary Edition (1-2P VS JP/EN)

Street Fighter is a classic game with characters that if you’ve ever played any before, you’ll love the classic known names. Nothing big and spectacular you can do with the special challenge mode, but there is so much you can enjoy with just this classic fighting game already offers. Especially with human-style fighters like Ryu, Ken, monstrous guy like Blanka, Guile, Dhalsim, and even Vega. There are over 16 characters to choose through, each with special attacks and many that require a combo of button pressing, but it’s as always a classic fighting arcade game that I know best from Capcom, and excellent sound effects and graphics!

  • LAST DUEL (1-2P Co-Op JP/EN)

This is more like a vehicle-style game, which you play in a vertical format. The game is starting from the bottom and you are moving upwards, shooting the enemies in front of you. The different weapons you can obtain to attack and defeat more is a great thing and slightly similar to an aircraft battle style game, but with a moving vehicle that is shooting enemies vehicles, and objects, or collecting special gadgets and items to power you up to get you ahead. It’s a very easy game, tricky still, and not many special challenge additions you can make, but the game is just as great as it is and can be tricky for a few starting out.


To start, 4 players to choose from in this classic great game that is! You can be Megaman, Protoman, Bass, or Duo. Then it’s time to select the story in the time limit given you’d like to play, and also who to VS against. It’s mainly a fighting game that pushes you to choose who you want to battle and who you are rescuing or playing for as the goal. It’s a game I actually never played before, of the many Megaman games, but it is very nice and a simple fighting game with a few special challenge effects you can adjust to. It’s a great game, with plenty of difficult battles and additional foes-style characters that enter to make the fight harder than as simple as one on one.


The first one of Megaman allows a choice of three characters, Megaman, Protoman, and even Bass. This game allows you to choose a few things and then you are on your way to battle large boss-style guys. Each location is sort of chosen for you. However, you do have some selective options, but if you aren’t quick enough it will choose for you like many fighting games, as this is. It’s not a bad game, nice bright graphics and plays very well, just be prepared to take down some strong enemies in each fight.

  • NIGHT WARRIORS – Darkstalkers’ Revenge (1-2P VS JP/EN)

Darkstalkers’ Revenge is another great game of fighting as a monster-style human being. You get to play against one friend or just the computer and the special challenges don’t change as much in this game. However, it is quite a great classic fighting arcade game as is! Character choices, there are not many, but to tell you the truth it’s easier to decide which ones you find to relate with more or who may end up choosing the most. I normally find myself just sticking to one or another, but with fewer options, it’s easier to decide and only a few battles to win and conquer the game! Its quality is great, hard, and challenging in normal game mode, but there are options available if you can handle some more difficulty from how the game already plays.

  • Pnickies (1-2P VS JP)

If you ever played Tetris, the game is similar, and if you ever played Bejeweled or a gem combining game that is close to this game. However, to be honest it’s like a simple game that you can have another friend join in and play against you mainly connecting similar colors together and building them up. A few with stars will be also included in similar color pieces. What needs to happen is to get two stars same colors on the build-up of bricks or at least together to earn those points and break those bricks or one big block from existing on the screen.

Afterward, you just continue to build up and destroy each block before it reaches too far to the top. The challenge of the additional special feature will make it a bit harder, than the normal game. So if it’s the first time playing it would be best to start off with the original game then see how well you can handle building up bricks and breaking them before it gets faster or just difficult in any other way!

  • Rally 2011 LED STORM (1P EN)

Rally 2011 is a racing game, but also not. It’s hard to explain. In a way, it’s like you are racing other vehicles, but there are other obstacles in this single-player game, which are like large trucks and other vehicles that aren’t part of the race, but just blocking and causing havoc for you as you try to win. So even if there are a few special challenges you may want to adjust, this game is not super easy and requires plenty of speed and eyes looking at every which way to get to the finish line. So for a new way to race and win, this is something that you must try and see if you can even defeat it in the normal game mode before taking on any special challenges. It would even be great if they made this into a two-player game too!


If you love to watch wrestling or just play games that require defeating one another in the ring, well this is a game you’ll love! It’s all about defeating your opponent in a timed 3-minute fight and taking them down while being cheered on by the crowds in the background. Feels like a real wrestling TV show, even for a classic game. How you arrive out and everyone is cheering you on and all the smoke and lights that appear. Then you are in the ring ready to fight! Simple as that. They are all human fighters with muscles as many wrestlers would be, and each with their own signature look and name. So you have here a wrestling game with moves you have all the options to use to defeat your opponent and win the game.

  • SAVAGE BEES (1-2P Co-Op JP/EN)

Here is another game played vertically. going from you flying from bottom to top in an aircraft game you are basically shooting down bees, savage bees as the title states. It’s like hives are designed for the game and many bees and other bee-style objects causing havoc and trying to take your ship down. You have a great weapon, which I do like as it does take down plenty of enemies easily, and you can collect items along the way. In the single-player mode, you really have to watch out for everything going on around you. It gets difficult and can be challenging, or you can even make it harder with the other options in this game, like the special challenge choices. Either way, it’s a fun game, requiring you to fly, shoot and conquer the bees!

  • SONSON (1-2P Co-Op JP/EN)

Let me start with this is such a CUTE game! It’s like a simple level built on an ongoing horizontal platform-style game. However, like Bubble Bobble or like another type of platformer style that is 2D, this game is different in how it just continues to move onward. You can move up or down and can collect tons of items as you go through different style environments. The game isn’t like you win one level and move to the next as I mentioned above. Instead, it’s all connected. So with the weapon you have to attack the enemies and watch out for things coming from below or at all sides, you’ll be able to keep moving on to meet the goal. It’s a simple game and very cute. Not many challenging differences, but you can make it harder and still the game is cute and like an adventure, battle, and platformer-style game in one!


A classic game, but I must admit I’ve never played the real first one before. It basically has the character chosen for you, Ryu and then you are fighting your opponent. Similar to other fighting games and Street Fighter games, but no choice on who you want to be. The moves are a bit normal, like a kick and punch from above or below. It’s a bit slower in movement, but then again it’s the first fighting game designed for Street Fighter. Not much to adjust challenge modes, the game is already difficult. So don’t worry it’s hard to fight and win right away for some, like myself and isn’t in need of making it harder right away if you play against the computer.


A step above the first game and it’s got 18 characters to choose from. Each with its own special appearances and fighting styles. I love this one a bit more, they move faster and have more power to present in each battle. Of course, the most recent and newest releases make for the better of all fighting games. So a classic game with not many changes in modes for the challenge, but it’s still great, challenging, and a perfect arcade classic in this collection of games!


Here is an even better step above from the 1st and 2nd versions. This game has 25 total characters to choose from, and more to fight and choose from as a player. Each one is available to play, so no waiting to unlock them. That is something I do like with these games, it’s not a wait till you win to earn the new fighter, you’re granted them right at the start. Another thing is that they do move quicker with better action-packed moves and a challenging computer opponent to play against.

  • STREET FIGHTER ALPHA -Warriors’ Dreams (1-2P VS JP/EN)

Classic Street Fighter characters and excellent backgrounds to fight each other in front of, That is what you get with this game. It allows you with 10 characters to decide upon the speed of how you want the game to play. The challenge changes are not as much different from what you get with the game. However, it’s a great game without even making it harder, but if you must there are those changes as well. It’s a normal fighting game, classic, and provides plenty of moves you can perform to defeat your opponent in this classic arcade fighting game, Street Fighter Alpha.


Here is a cute game that is like a street fighter in a small-size version of each character you can be. Only a few characters to choose from, but with gems included in the gameplay. The gems act as powerups and level your character making them stronger to fight each other. It’s also got some hilarious changes when you battle and I think it makes the game a bit more charming to look at and play. I honestly find it cute and fun, with small challenge adjustments, but nothing big than what you get with the game normally. However, it’s great as is, so no need to have all those additions sometimes.


This is not the typical fighting or verse game. Instead, you play as if you are playing a Tetris-style board game with Gems of many colors, two together coming down. Each combination you put together, the larger they are to build up and connect making for a better attack on the opponent. It’s like fighting with a puzzle-style game. You do need to wait for these special spherical color balls that match the blocks that you are building to throw some large hits to the opponent’s side. The worst thing is if you end up having no luck to destroy the blocks that you have built on your side and it hits the top. Then you are practically defeated, but if you are lucky enough to destroy many blocks and attack the opponent most often, then you’ll win the game and fight!

It’s a cute puzzle fighting style game. Classic Street Fighter characters to choose from in a mini version. Plus, a new and a change from the normal fight-style game. Very good for puzzle lovers who don’t want to just fight but win through puzzle battling.

  • The Speed Rumbler (1-2P Tag Team JP/EN)

It’s a mix of driving and shooting without the vehicle. The game is a bit slow moving and doesn’t seem to speed up as in normal gameplay, not many adjustments or challenges, but there are a few to this game. It is okay, just a bit slower and reminds me of cops and robbers. You are trying to get these bad vehicles and destroy each of them, while they are trying to defeat you as you try to defeat them. It’s a fun game, like the ability to get out and go back into the vehicle and move around freely, just a bit slow in movement and challenging with one player to defeat all these criminals out to get you in the game.


Here is a three-in-one game. Midnight Wanders, Chariot, and Don’t Pull are the games to choose from. Each is a bit on the cute side with character design and how you play. Midnight Wanders is like a normal platform adventure game where you fight and collect items through each level. The Chariot is like you are a flying hero who shoots and tries to defeat those attacking you in a space background, moving horizontally; side to side. As you go on, it gets harder, but mainly you just keep on shooting and collect what you can in each level. Lastly, Don’t Pull is a bunny puzzle-style game. It’s different but cute with how you must push things together to win and break blocks.

In some way, it reminds me of DigDug by the enemies in the game, but the game is way different. Plus, you can also notice that you must get each piece with a special symbol to complete the game and move on to the next puzzle. In each game, I like the cute factor of the characters; heroes in the game and it’s very interesting how they are all different but interesting. Plus, I love the bright and happy, cheerful colors included. It’s also in some way very entertaining. So to be an arcade addition, a 3-in-1 game it’s a really nice addition to this collection!

  • Tiger Road (1-2P Tag Team JP/EN)

This reminds me of a normal adventure platform-style game where you move on, fighting on the way. Big weapons for our character; hero. It’s practically the same for each enemy and those large ones you go up against. There are hidden special items to find and the game seems very entertaining, with the flexibility to leap higher than in many games I’ve played and how freer you are to move. Yet, challenges are very difficult, so don’t think it’s gonna be easy, plus adjusting it to be even more difficult, well that is a choice too.

It’s a great game, with a lot of enemies to defeat and items to collect on the way. The levels are all different, but the main goal is always set in front of you from when you decide which portion of the game you want to play in the beginning. Otherwise, it’s not a bad game for an older game.

Final Thoughts

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is nothing but a game that is completely full of classics, 32 total. So there are no worries you can enjoy all the faves in one game and try playing against others or the computer; AI. It’s simple to just step up to an arcade machine, which they really appear as, and just start playing.

So never be fooled, even playing old games aren’t as easy as it may seem. Back then they took a lot of time to defeat and there were patterns and ways to do certain tricks to win and defeat the opponents so they can win the game. So right now there is nothing different, just plenty of challenging gameplay that will make you work harder and become a better fighter, racer and so much more with all these games. That is why I love this game collection!

There are just so many to adore, even I found I liked others more, but honestly, each has its own fun features and I can see myself switching from one to the next whenever I feel like it. Even asked a friend to play against me because many are made for 2 players. So if you are ready to get your challenging gameplay on, this is the collection of Capcom arcade games you do need to try, especially for those who love nostalgic gaming.


+ Excellent Graphics
+ Brilliant Capture of a Real Arcade Cabinet as You Play
+ Plenty of Classic Games with the choice of Co-Op, VS, and Tag Team Mode
+ Variety of Genre Games in this Collection

- Some Classics Are Hard In Normal No Change Mode and Some are Slow in Movement
- Some Older Games Move Slow

(Reviewed on the Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium+ Excellent Graphics<br> + Brilliant Capture of a Real Arcade Cabinet as You Play<br> + Plenty of Classic Games with the choice of Co-Op, VS, and Tag Team Mode<br> + Variety of Genre Games in this Collection<br><br> - Some Classics Are Hard In Normal No Change Mode and Some are Slow in Movement<br> - Some Older Games Move Slow<br><br> (Reviewed on the Xbox One)