TechReview: Gravastar Mars Pro speaker

Review: Gravastar Mars Pro speaker


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I’ve been lucky enough to cover plenty of headphones and earbuds. In fact, I recently looked at the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds, and they were fantastic. However, now I get to explore the advantages of Gravastar’s incredible Bluetooth speaker range. I am, of course, talking about the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker. This exceptionally beautiful and user-friendly device looks amazing on your shelf or desk while delivering top-quality sound.

It has been designed with Audiophiles in mind and will not disappoint this group of sound perfectionists. This Bluetooth 5.0 speaker has been created to work alone or with another Gravastar Mars Pro speaker. If you take the plunge and use two simultaneously, you’ll experience a rich and immersive sound that will blow your mind. However, a solo speaker is also a fantastic investment that won’t disappoint you. What’s more, it looks incredible, with an array of light features, and produces a wonderful range of tones and a bone-shattering bass line.

Don’t mess with the futuristic speaker.

What’s in the box of the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker?

  • The futuristic theme begins with ostentatious packaging. The sizable box is silver and adorned with weird imagery and key information. Immediately, it screams open me, so that’s what I did. The device is housed snuggly between two pieces of polystyrene. This was disappointing as it’s hard to recycle. I believe a cardboard alternative would work just as well.
  • The Gravastar Mars Pro speaker. This spherical speaker is heavy, well constructed, and made from zinc alloy. It comes in a range of colours and special editions, and I choose the standard black version. On the underside of the speaker are extendable claw-like legs that perfectly balance the accessory. Furthermore, the feet absorb minor shocks to prevent damage and maintain audio quality.
  • USB-C charging cable. This device has an exceptional battery life of around 15 hours. However, when the power runs low, you can charge it with ease thanks to its universal USB-C port.
  • Aux cable. Perhaps you have an older device with no Bluetooth connection. Worry not. By plugging in the Aux cable, you’ll be able to create a wired connection. 
  • User manual. Understand the basics with this small but in-depth guide. 

Technical aspects. 

MaterialsZinc Alloy
Product Dimension7.5″H x 7.1″L x 7.9″W
Weight5.55 lbs
BluetoothV 5.0
RGB Lights6
Touch Volume ControlYes
True Wireless StereoYes
Battery lifeUp to 15 hours
Output Power20W
Transmission range10M
Power supply5V/2A

I’m in awe of the design and LED light display. However, my biggest concern when buying a speaker is the audio quality. Fortunately, the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker is exceptional. Because of the built-in exclusive DSP audio algorithms, you experience a truly mind-blowing sound. With deep and gut-wrenching bass, accurate rich mids, and crisp highs, it will amaze you. Further to this, the ability to connect 2 speakers enhances your audio further still.

I’ve owned speakers that sound great at one volume, but awful at another. Thankfully, the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker doesn’t suffer this affliction! No matter the volume, its deep bass resonates through the dual speakers and passive bass radiator. Consequently, it performs perfectly while delivering crisp sound.

Stop that speaker in its track.

Touch controls and LED lights. 

You can rest assured that you’ll experience true wireless sound thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This low-latency option has a great range, a quick pickup, and a low energy draw. However, the aforementioned Aux cable provides an alternative arrangement to cover all bases.

So, we know the sound is incredible. Moreover, it has a great battery, and it’s easy to use. But what about its looks? Well, in short, the Mecha Sci-Fi theme is jaw-droppingly good! With a brushed metal finish, interesting and chilling claw feet, and mesmerising LED lights, this has phenomenal aesthetics.

The weighty design and zinc alloy spherical case are well built and robust. Furthermore, the speakers are housed safely within the body to prevent unnecessary vibration or issues. The feet can be adjusted with ease and give the speaker an unusual alien-like appearance. Undoubtedly, this will be a conversation starter, especially when the LED lights begin to shine. 

Thanks to the large array of settings, you can customise the look to your liking. The lights can be extinguished, remain one colour, flit through a random selection, or pulse with the beat. I chose the latter option as it looked incredible and was responsive to every song. 

Finally, the touch-sensitive controls make it easy to adjust the volume. Located at the top of the body, you can increase and decrease the sound with ease. This was a feature that wasn’t entirely essential, but I’m glad it was included. Not only does it look great with the LED light display, but it adds to the futuristic theme.

The Gravastar Mars Pro Speaker looks great in any situation.
The Gravastar Mars Pro speaker looks striking.

Is the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker worth it?

Bluetooth speakers are two a penny these days. However, buying one that looks amazing whilst delivering exceptional audio quality isn’t easy. Thankfully, the Gravastar Mars Pro speaker breaks the mould as it ticks every box. Not only does it produce phenomenal sound quality, but it can be enhanced further by connecting it to another speaker. Moreover, the exclusive DSP audio algorithms offer an unrivalled experience.

If you then consider the build quality, unusual Sci-Fi design, and LED lights, you get a speaker that is a real conversation starter. Further to this, the exceptional battery life and user-friendly design make it the perfect device for your home or when you are out and about. It is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here!


Gravastar has created a mind-blowing accessory that is out of this world. Not only does it look great, but it is a market leader with its exclusive technology and masterful design. If you are in the market for a head-turning speaker, you need to look no further. 

(More information on Gravastar can be found here!) 

The Gravastar Mars Pro speaker has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech gold award.
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