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Review: The Last Friend


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Do you have what it takes to bring down a group of mutant rivals causing havoc and rescue man’s best friend, the dogs? If so, then The Last Friend will be an excellent game to try! It’s packed with a variety of adorable dogs and large demonic-style bosses with plots to cause destruction to the world.

So if you want to help these pups and save the planet then this is your time to shine! As you play as the hero named Alpha, you will be able to team up with all types of rescued doggies in their armored gear, and push forward in your RV to rescue so many more while defeating a variety of enemies blocking your way. Just plan your attacks, be prepared for anything, and let loose!

šŸ¶ How Was The Game šŸ¶

The stunning Alpha with his flaming red hair and huge muscles, make us stand out very much from many of the characters in the game. We may look tough but we do break easily. Especially cause there is always some huge villain ready to take us down or just so many foes that want to bombard us from getting by. So a good strategic plan before battle needs to be perfected enough to succeed. Thankfully this game isn’t too difficult to get a hang of and yet still requires a few play-throughs to get it right. Of course, what is a game if it isn’t challenging?

Another thing that is interesting, it may just be me, but I feel our one little doggy friend, T. Juan the chihuahua seems to be the chattiest character than we are. For a dog partner, he feels more like the brains of the game and we just follow his orders, even though our name stands for a leader of the pack, we are more the muscles. No matter, it’s absolutely cute, and even the fact that it’s full of different dogs to play with in the game all done in this cartoony-style design makes them even more adorable. Especially when they play as members of our team battling the bad guys. Putting dogs in armor and using weapons makes the game even cuter and more fun to play. Action and cuteness are so much of a positive for me. Also, it is not gruesome and dark, but cheerful and pleasant, which I love!

For the most part, the game doesn’t have many flaws. It loads each part quickly, every scene plays perfectly without glitches, and the graphics and sounds that were heard and seen throughout the game were spot-on. The only issue, my personal opinion about the game, is that during the times you are going through each wave of enemy. I wish there was a limit to how far you can place dogs from the selection on the road. Building a team on the road is great and having so many is helpful, but without that limited to the right side of the screen, you may be blocking or making it hard to see the enemy coming into the picture that you can reach or attack. There should be a small limit line to where the dogs can be placed, leaving you enough viewing room and space for fighting.

Other than that, I really had no horrible feelings with this game. It really packs plenty of action and gets challenging as new waves of enemies head down the street, allows for new dog team members rescued to be set up to use in the next battle, and allows you to earn stars for each stage that is completed fully and objects during battle, able to level up and get stronger, and requires speed and planning when using the acquired gears to purchase different dogs to help protect the RV move you along in the game. Also, there are a few additional ways to play, not just as waves, but through sandstorms and other styles of playing, changing it up from each stage and making it even more entertaining than redundant as you play. Always a new surprise to come around the corner.

Lastly, as the hero Alpha, not only the name but the leader of this dog pack, I feel like the game really made the humorous use of dog terminology and gameplay in one. It really made the game feel joyful and entertaining. Plus, for those who don’t really want to play for the cuteness but for the action. Well then, there are tons of that, and it does get difficult as more come down the street and you need to work quicker. So it basically covers everything for a perfect strategy-wave style game.

šŸ¶ Final Thoughts šŸ¶

Honestly, The Last Friend is more like EVERY Last Friend. There are so many doggies to rescue and each one is just as adorable as the last. Every friend is a new team member and can be used to take down difficult enemies at a time. It’s just so much fun with the number of members you can place on the street to help you battle and how happy the dogs are when they get rescued. It’s just a fun game and very much one for dog lovers and those who are looking for a new reason to fight through challenging waves of enemies and save the planet!


+ Bright and Friendly Graphics
+ Plenty of Difficult Waves and Bosses
+ Cute Dogs to Add to the Team After Rescue

- Limitation of Dog Placement to the RIght Should be Added

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: The Last Friend+ Bright and Friendly Graphics <br> + Plenty of Difficult Waves and Bosses<br> + Cute Dogs to Add to the Team After Rescue<br><br> - Limitation of Dog Placement to the RIght Should be Added<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)